Rudimentary Site 'Paid for by Tom Feeney' Offers Extraordinary Claims, Smears, Doctored Photos of Congressional Opponent, Vote-Rigging Whistleblower, But No Evidence to Back Up Claims
Smear Blogsite Gives No Indication if it's Paid for by Feeney or Not (In Violation of FEC Rules?)
By Brad Friedman on 9/25/2006, 3:33pm PT  

The campaign of one of Congress' most corrupt members, Tom Feeney (R-FL), has apparently enlisted fifth graders to create a smear website ( dedicated to smearing Feeney's congressional opponent Clint Curtis with doctored photos, innuendo and unsubstantiated, disproven claims.

The rudimentary site (okay, it's not created by fifth graders, it just looks, works and acts that way) includes doctored photos and videos of Curtis, and a smear blog to go with it. Though the main "Crazy Clint Curtis" website indicates that it's "Paid for by Tom Feeney," the blog itself that it links to --- accessible via --- has no indication of who it's paid for. If that blog site is created and/or run by a paid member of Feeney's campaign staff or uses it's vast resources (Feeney has reportedly spent the better part of $1 million for this brilliant smear campaign,) it would seem that Feeney is in violation of FEC campaign laws which require a "Paid for by Tom Feeney" notation somewhere on the blog.

Curtis' own website also includes a link to a blog, but as far as we know, it is maintained by a private unpaid individual.

Feeney has reportedly spent somewhere near $700k on his admitted smear campaign so far.

The good news is that those with a free registration are allowed to post comments to Feeney's smear blog in reply to the Congressman's silliness! At least as of now. So feel free to give them regards from The BRAD BLOG and let them know where individuals concerned about things such as clean elections, clean officials, clean government contracts, congressmen who take trips from foreign-agents and Jack Abramoff, and who work with companies involved with convicted Chinese spies, can get grown-up information on the Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney story if they are interested.

Curtis has made claims concerning Feeney's involvement as registered lobbyist and general counsel for a Florida software firm that has now been shown to have harbored and petioned for an illegal Chinese alien (who later pled guilty to charges related to sending Hellfire anti-tank missile chips to Communist China) and overbilled the state of Florida by hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has also alleged that Feeney asked the company, in a meeting at which Curtis was present, to create vote-rigging software when they both worked for the firm. Curtis' claims have been made to Florida and Federal officials, as well as in a sworn affidavit and video-taped sworn testimony to members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

As well, he has passed a lie-detector test in regard to the claim. So far, Feeney has refused to take such a test, or to debate Curtis face to face despite challenges from the Curtis campaign to do either. Feeney still refuses, as recently as this Tampa Bay Scene cover story published last Thursday, to answer directly to any of the allegations (most of them proven through independent government documents and investigations) that Curtis has made in regard to Feeney.

For his part, Feeney has either refused to discuss the matter, or otherwise claimed he's had nothing to do with the YEI firm since leaving them to go to Congress in 2002. That, even while Feeney's campaign headquarters remains in the YEI building, the owners of the company continue to be amongst his top financial supporters, and even hosted a party for him in 2003 (with undoctored photos)...

Feeney's new smearsite includes page after page of unsubstantiated, disproven, silly and downright incorrect statements (in some parts of the world these things are called "lies"). One such page is called "Top Ten Tinfoil Tales" though it includes no sourcing or evidence for any of the claims made by the campaign.

To our knowledge, after two years of interviewing Curtis and investigating his story, we've yet to hear him make any of the claims that Feeney's campaign alleges in their "top ten" page aside from --- maybe, sorta, kinda --- item #10 which states: "Tom Feeney offered Crazy Clint Curtis $1 million to 'silence' him."

While Curtis has claimed that Yang Enterprises Inc. (YEI - the computer programming firm that employed both Curtis and Feeney while Feeney was also Speaker of the Florida House) offered him nearly $1 million to leave the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) and take a job anywhere else, he's never, to our knowledge, claimed that he knew "Feeney offered...$1 million to 'silence' him."

He did say, as we reported back in February of 2005, that he had reason to suspect Feeney was behind the offer from YEI to get Curtis out of FDOT, where it would eventually be revealed --- by the state of Florida's own Inspector General --- that YEI was overbilling Florida on the contract they had with the state.

Here's part of our coverage on that from February...

Curtis explains that he felt Tom Feeney was in the room during that call because, as Curtis clarified to me this morning: "They were saying, 'Feeney can get you a job anywhere in the country, you can have any job you want.' They were making all kinds of promises of things Feeney could do for me."

All of which led Curtis to believe that Feeney must have been in the room at the time of the call.

As he explained to me today, his understanding was that "Feeney would get me a job anywhere in the country…Anywhere but Tallahassee."

And all of that, mind you, was before Curtis had even blown the whistle on YEI while he was at FDOT, where he eventually saw the way that YEI had been padding the bill in their $8 million contract with FDOT — which they received with "no help at all" from their longtime friend Tom Feeney who was, at the time of procurement, their corporate counsel, registered lobbyist, and Speaker of the Florida House.

As a recent press release issued by Feeney's campaign said, "Serious times demand serious leaders." Sadly, however, that statement doesn't seem to apply to Feeney himself or his shameful (we might say, desperate) campaign tactics, apparently.

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