The 'Battle Between Good And Evil' Is Off To A Quick Start
By Winter Patriot on 9/6/2006, 5:27pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

An "explosive" new press release from the office of Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) reveals "new information" regarding his November opponent, Clint Curtis, the "Craziest Man in America".

Wow! Craziest Man In America! That's quite a distinction. There are some pretty crazy men in America these days, as if you haven't already noticed. And it's odd that Tom Feeney should award this title to Clint Curtis, because ...

I never even knew Clint Curtis was a little bit crazy! Did you?

Well apparently he is, because Tom Feeney certainly wouldn't say so if he wasn't.


Here's the text of the press release sent out by the Feeney campaign this morning [but dated yesterday, with emphasis in the original]:

For Immediate Release | September 5, 2006
Contact: Shannon Corrado | (407) 697-4905
Pepper Pennington | (407) 340-9435

Craziest Man in America
Crazy Clint Curtis Creeps toward Congress

(Oviedo, FL) - U.S. Representative Tom Feeney celebrated the results of the 24th District Democratic primary tonight from his campaign headquarters. He was joined by fellow supporters who basked in the news that Clint Curtis was the nominee for the 24th District.

“Clint Curtis is the craziest man in America. Serious times demand serious leaders and Curtis is not even in the same solar system as the rest of us. With tinfoil hats in hand, black helicopters swarming, and purple Martians landing, this election promises to be more entertaining than Saturday morning cartoons.

“I have worked hard for everyone in our district, and I’m confident that rational Democrats will come out and support me. With rational Democrats supporting me, this will be an 80-20 election,” said Feeney.

Reliable sources have confirmed that Feeney did in fact celebrate "the results of the 24th District Democratic primary", perhaps a bit too vigorously! ... and I'll say more about that as soon as it becomes appropriate to say more...

... but in the meantime, Clint Curtis had this to say about the "explosive new charges" contained in the Feeney press release:

If crazy statements are the best Mr. Feeney can do to defend against direct challenges for a public polygraph and debate on the issues of:

  • Attempting to illegally manipulate elections
  • Assisting a company to commit espionage against the US, and
  • Selling his vote for personal gain
  • then his is a pretty sorry campaign. I do not expect the citizens of this district to fall for Tom-Foolery any longer. The top tier of the 13 most corrupt congressmen in Washington has all resigned except for Mr. Feeney. With him it will take indictments and defeat to pry him away from his cash cow of corruption.

    Psst! Way too vigorously! ... I'll keep you posted ... DEVELOPING!!

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