Guest Host Nicole Sandler with Jack Rice and Rick Parnell
By Nicole Sandler on 9/23/2019, 12:06pm PT  

It’s NICOLE SANDLER, filling in again for Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen on the BradCast. The news about Brad’s dad isn’t good, so he’s with his family, doing what he needs to be doing. We’re holding down the fort until they can return.

Today marks the beginning of the UN General Assembly. One of the first events was the Climate Action Summit, which the moronic president decided to skip in favor of holding his own panel on religious freedom. We’ll speak with RICK PARNELL, CEO of a new group, Foundation for Climate Restoration, who believe they can not only stem the effects of climate change, but can reverse the trend.

And to help me get a handle on the enormity of the whistleblower story, I called on my old friend and Air America colleague, JACK RICE, who just happens to also be a former CIA case officer.

Plus a few mention-worthy acceptance speeches saved an otherwise awful Emmy broadcast, and a NY Times editorial titled "Donald Trump vs. the United States of America".

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