By Brad Friedman on 9/20/2009, 12:30pm PT  

As noted late last week while covering Joe Conason's smart "In Defense of ACORN" at Salon, the UK Guardian had, earlier in the week, asked me to ring in on the latest ACORN nonsense. So I did. It's been published today. You can read it here online...

The Guardian eds tell me the short piece will also run as well on Monday in their print edition.

UPDATE 7:49pm PT: Welcome Drudge/Breitbart fans! While you're here, be sure to peruse what's about to break in American Conservative magazine! We'll have some exclusive advanced details for ya very soon, which I believe you'll enjoy, which actually matter, and which may even distract you from your silly, misinformed ACORN-rage for a minute or two! Have a nice night! (Note to regular BRAD BLOG readers and others still in touch with their mental faculties: Be sure to read the comments from the geniuses over at the Breitbart link I gave you above. They're a hoot! Who knew I was a "limey SOB"?! :-) )