By Brad Friedman on 9/18/2009, 12:54pm PT  

I was asked by the Guardian UK earlier this week to write a piece about the latest ACORN. Thought it was to run yesterday, so hopefully it'll run today. [Update: Just heard from the Guardian with some good news, as they've decided to run the piece I wrote for them in their paper version on Monday, so it'll run online Sunday night. || FURTHER UPDATE: That piece is now posted here.] But until then, Joe Conason over at Salon has posted a similar, if longer, piece, "In Defense of ACORN" in which I'm mentioned by name in regard to one of the (many) great hypocrisies in all of this silliness:

If only the Republicans who have worked up a frenzy over ACORN's alleged crimes were so indignant about real and damaging voter fraud --- such as the amazing case of Young Political Majors, the firm that ran GOP registration efforts in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona and elsewhere before the authorities in Orange County, Calif., busted its president, Mark Anthony Jacoby, and sent him to jail last year. He had built a lucrative partisan career by teaching his minions to deceive thousands of voters into registering as Republicans rather than Democrats, among other scams. Of course, the only on-air mention of the Young Political Majors scandal on Fox News was made by blogger Brad Friedman-- and the national media, mainstream and conservative, generally ignored it. They were too busy generating "controversy" over ACORN.

Conason also highlights another superb (and yes, classically wingnut hypocritical) point which I didn't note in my own piece...

To claim that the stupid behavior of a half-dozen employees should discredit a national group with offices in more than 75 cities staffed by many thousands of employees and volunteers is like saying that Mark Sanford or John Ensign have discredited every Republican governor or senator. Indeed, the indignation of the congressional Republicans screaming about ACORN and the phony streetwalker is diluted by the presence of at least two confirmed prostitution clients --- Rep. Ken Calvert and Sen. David Vitter --- in their midst. Neither of those right-wing johns has been even mildly chastised by their moralistic peers. Nobody is cutting off their federal funding.

While my Guardian piece will refer to the hypocrisy of using stupid, low-level "bad-apples" at ACORN as a means for demanding "accountability" for the entire organization by defunding them (contrast that to what happened after Abu Ghraib), I didn't have the space to ask if the same wingnuts similarly feel outfits like Blackwater and Halliburton should be federally defunded since, in their case, actual crimes like homicide were carried out by employees, versus the non-crime of rank-stupidity in the case of the ACORN employees stung on the Fox "News" video tapes.

UPDATE 3:15pm PT: In response to the House Democrats pathetic buckling in defunding ACORN, Andy Ostroy notes in his piece, "The Acorn Vote: House Democrats Just Stuck a Knife in their President and Party":

Firstly, it says to all Democrats that they're still afflicted with the abused-wife syndrome where, no matter how much power voters give them, no matter how big a majority they have, they're still gonna allow Republicans to bully them into voting against their own self-interests. Can you imagine the GOP doing this five years ago when it controlled both Houses of Congress?

UPDATE 9/20/09, 7:49pm PT: Welcome Drudge/Breitbart fans! While you're here, be sure to peruse what's about to break in American Conservative magazine! We'll have some exclusive advanced details for ya very soon, which I believe you'll enjoy, which actually matter, and which may even distract you from your silly, misinformed ACORN-rage for a minute or two! Have a nice night! (Note to regular BRAD BLOG readers and others still in touch with their mental faculties: Be sure to read the comments from the geniuses over at the Breitbart link I gave you above. They're a hoot! Who knew I was a "limey SOB"?! :-) )

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