By John Gideon on 7/22/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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The New Jersey Institute of Technology has just released the results of testing done by their Center for Information Age Technology on voter verified paper audit trail printers provided by Sequoia and Avante International. The printers from Sequoia were for their Advantage and Edge voting systems.

According to the results, the printers accounted for 33 flaws. All three printers ran out of paper too fast, lacked concealed printer cables, and had problems alerting poll workers to malfunctions. It is important to state again that these printers were provided by the vendors so there is no reason to expect that these were not the best of the printers the vendors could find.

Anecdotal reports from users of the vvpat ["voter-verified paper audit trail"] printers of the other vendors show that there is no difference between the failures of the Sequoia or Avante as compared to Diebold or ES&S. These printers are the same printers that will be required by federal law with the passage of any legislation that allows the continued use of Direct Recording Electronic voting machines.

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