Archives From Brad's Guest Host Stints from Phoenix on Peter B. Collins and Mike Malloy Shows...
By Brad Friedman on 2/3/2007, 11:37pm PT  

Blogged by Brad from Phoenix, AZ...

All the archives from this week's guest hosting stints on PBC and Malloy are below. But before that...In case you weren't able to play along at home, here's what happened....

I was scheduled to Guest Host the Peter B. Collins Show last Thursday and Friday. We came to Phoenix to do it with the assistance of 1480 KPHX, Phoenix's Air America affiliate and Nova M Radio Network flagship station. Thursday went well enough with three hours of the PBC show as smartly broadcast from the studio. Friday, however, was another story.

Despite (hasty if) best-laid plans to hold a live AZ Election Integrity townhall forum Bradcast from the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall here in Phoenix, we were unable to establish contact from the remote location up to PBC's network hub in San Rafael. While a big house of eager folks waited patiently in the hall throughout the technical snafus, and as "Best of PBC" shows played in the meantime, we received a call from Mike Malloy that he was not feeling well and would be unable to do his show on Friday night which airs right after PBC's on KPHX/NovaM and on Sirius Radio, etc.

He asked if we could fill in for him and the answer, making lemonade outta lemons was; "Sure! If we can get back to the studio in time!" After which we invited everyone in the hall who wished to join us back to hang with us at the studio as we then hightailed it back and did the final hour of PBC live over there instead followed by three hours filling in for Malloy.

And so it was. We picked up a bit of our planned AZ Election Integrity forum for the last hour of PBC and the first hour or so of Malloy as many folks hung around throughout the entire night. Got to hang throughout with several BRAD BLOG commenters as well, including RAM, Mike Shelby and others. A great time was had by all (I think) and a bunch of radio fun ensued.

The archives for all of the above follow below. Including some great wingnut calls during Malloy's show. I always enjoy a bit of good troll-stomping as I'm sure you will as well. If I had the time, I'd pull out some of the great callers who were both very kind to me along with the wingnut calls and their ensuing stompage. (Any audiophiles out there who are so inclined to do so, and send me such a collection, I'll be happy to post it.)

Thanks to ALL of the great folks in Phoenix who made all of it possible. You are an inspiration. Listen up to all below...


Peter B. Collins Show:

+ Feb 1, 2007 HOUR 1
Brad on "The Noose Tightening", Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) on the Fairness Doctrine, AMERICAblog's John Aravosis on Wingnut Propoganda after the recent DC War Protests.

+ Feb 1, 2007 HOUR 2's David Swanson on House Judiciary "Signing Statement" hearings,'s John Gideon on the latest Daily Voting News and's Peter Grenato on the Bush Iraq escalation.

+ Feb 1, 2007 HOUR 3
BRAD BLOG's Libby Trial correspondent Margie Burns and John Bonifaz on Florida's 13th Congressional District election contest.

+ Feb 2, 2007 HOUR 3
The aborted townhall explained and AZ's Democratic Party Election Integrity Commission Chair Dr. Ted Downing.

Mike Malloy Show:
(NOTE: Bonus audio. These were taken from the air check directly at the station. You'll hear un-aired banter between myself and Malloy's engineer, Ian during the station breaks throughout each hour. Enjoy...)

+ Feb 2, 2007 HOUR 1
Intro with KPHX's Jeff Farias,'s John Brakey on Election Integrity in AZ,'s Eric Ehst on Clean Elections and's Linda Brown on Voter ID.

+ Feb 2, 2007 HOUR 2
More Eric Ehst and Linda Brown plus phone calls (wingnut and otherwise)...

+ Feb 2, 2007 HOUR 3
More phone calls plus's John Gideon and still more calls and wingnut stomping.

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