By John Gideon on 11/13/2005, 4:36pm PT  

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Today gives us a good article on the GAO report and great editorials from New York and Ohio. The man who sold Mobile, AL their Shouptronic machines opines and misinforms in the Mobile Register. And from Arizona we have more on the state senate hearings scheduled for early next year....

  • NATIONAL: eVoting Flawed : A GAO Review\">LINK
  • AL: Opinion - For the sake of voting accuracy\">LINK
  • AZ: Hearings to focus on recount\">LINK
  • CA: Registrar workers scurry to make sure every vote counts\">LINK
  • CA: Santa Cruz County Opinion - Elections are a year-round process http://www.santacruzsent...dit/stories/02edit.htm\">LINK
  • GA: Richmond County - County to hold partial recount http://chronicle.augusta...1305/met_5689675.shtml\">LINK
  • MA: New polling system a boon for voters with disabilities\">LINK
  • NC: Voting group leery of state contractor, pending lawsuit\">LINK
  • NC: Cabarrus County - New voting machines expected by primary\">LINK
  • NJ: Salem County For vote to count, follow all rules\">LINK
  • NY: Op-Ed - While We Weren't Looking\">LINK
  • OH: Montgomery County Editorial - Late results and too-wide absentee ballots were among the to-be-expected glitches during last Tuesday's election night, but the snafu that has left a tax levy in Carlisle in limbo should be setting off alarm bells. http://www.middletownjou...3/mj1113editorial.html\">LINK
  • VA: Gap between candidates shrinks. In attorney general race, McDonnell leads Deeds by margin of 410 votes http://www.timesdispatch...s&s=1045855934842\">LINK
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