Extremist Syndicated Radio Host Takes a Crap on the American 'Culture and Values' She Claims are under 'Assault' from 'The Left'
Absuses the Very 'Free Speech' She Writes About in Her 'Best-Sellers'
By Brad Friedman on 10/16/2005, 12:47pm PT  

So I'm driving to an important appointment yesterday, to which I'm late, when I hear Tammy Bruce on TalkRadio 790 KABC, the powerful ABC station out here in Los Angeles, out and out lying to her listeners.

She's telling them that Valerie Plame/Wilson was not a covert CIA agent. That she couldn't have been because "she drove to work every day at the CIA building." That she was nothing more than a bureaucrat with a desk job at the CIA and so she was never outed.

Never mind that the CIA themselves requested the current Dept. of Justice investigation into the outing of one of their agents, or the myriad CIA officials who have testified that indeed she was very much a covert agent.

Furthermore, the former "liberal" turned...whatever she's turned...also instructs her listeners that Plame/Wilson could not have been covert because she posed in photographs with her husband Joe Wilson months before she was ever mentioned in the press by Bob Novak.

Needless to say by now, for anyone with a nickel's worth of information on the matter, Bruce was horrifically wrong on both accounts. (For just a partial refutation, since my time is short today, from a CIA classmate of Plame/Wilson's, you can read this.) And since Bruce was asking for folks to call in with their opinion on the matter, I did.

While driving, I got through right away to the show via my cell phone. Her producer asked what I was calling about. I identified myself as "Brad Friedman from The BRAD BLOG," and mentioned that "Tammy is completely misinforming her listeners about the Plame affair. That I'd be happy to correct the record having spoken to both Joe Wilson and others at the CIA on these matters, and I'd be happy to give her the real information about what's going on."

Her producer puts me on hold for a minute, and comes back to say, "Please send Tammy some email at TammyBruce@KABC.com and you can give her your thoughts."

I say: "Well, I'm in the car driving right now, so I can't email her."

She says: "You can send her email anytime..."

I say: "Wait, are you not going to put me on the air to talk to her to correct the record?"

She says: "Right."

I say: "Why not?"

She says: "Because ... {inaudable on cell phone} ...your blog and I'm the producer so it's my call. Goodbye."

And she hangs up.

By then, I'm almost to my appointment --- in an area where there is no cell coverage --- so I'm unable to call her immediately back. Once I arrive in the building where my appointment is I quickly flip on 790 KABC and call them back on a landline. I get right through again.

"Hi, this is Brad Friedman again, I was on my cell phone and lost what you said there at the end of my last phone call...Did you say you weren't going to put me on the air because 'you know my blog?'"

"No," she said, "You identified yourself by your first and last name and gave the name of your blog first thing. I've never heard of you or your blog and don't have time to look it up..."

"So would it help if I just gave you my first name and where I'm calling from?," I asked.

"No. You can email Tammy at TammyBruce@KABC.com. She really enjoys receiving email from listeners."

"Yes, but I've spoken first hand to Joe Wilson and many of the players involved with this thing," I mentioned politely again, "and I'd think she'd want her listeners to know the truth instead of completely misleading them about a very important story."

"You can email her. Thanks!" And she hung up again.

During and after that conversation, I was listening to the show as Tammy returned from commercial break. She told her listeners that the entire Rove/Plame business was really just "Washington politics as usual" and that there was "no there there" especially since Judith Miller had come out and told everything she knew and "she couldn't even remember who told her what."

And then...unleashing the mother of all lies and/or complete disinformation for her listeners she says, "Of course, Judith Miller at the NY Times, of all people is not going to be covering for the administration after all!...I have no idea how the Left is now going to spin this thing now!"

Then she says she wants to move on from the issue because it's really boring and just "Washington politics as usual" and nobody really wants to talk about it. So begins her discussion about "Barbie clothes for grown women" instead.

Unless I missed it, between the time I arrived at my destination and went into the building and turned on the radio, she never took a single call or email correcting her misinformation/bullshit on Valerie Plame.

On her personal website, she has a quick thought in the sidebar about the matter saying, "We spoke briefly (because I find it a non-story that only obsessive political hacks are interested in) about the Valerie Plame/Karl Rove story, blah blah blah" and then she links to a blog item at the wingnut Powerline blog and some AP coverage.

Tammy Bruce does talk radio six days a week on "130 affiliate stations throughout the U.S." according to her bio page at KABC, including the huge KABC station here in Los Angeles in a huge market reaching millions of people on Saturdays. I'll presume they pay her some kind of salary for that. She also likely makes a fair bit of money from her three books "The New American Revolution: Using the power of the individual to save our nation from extremists", "The New Thought Police: Inside the Left's assault on free speech and free minds" and "The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left's assault on our culture and values."

In the meantime, I'm begging for $10 and $20 donations while breaking my balls to learn about and report the actual truth of what is going on in our country anywhere and everywhere that I can.

So far, KABC has not scheduled The BRAD SHOW on their airwaves which they lease from the public, but they are happy to serve as Tammy Bruce's "flagship" station.

I suppose one of the "values" discussed in Tammy's book claiming to "expose the Left's assault on our culture and values" doesn't include the value of telling the truth. Or even educating oneself. The value of giving a damn about our National Security is most certainly completely out of the picture as well.

I've been thinking much lately about what I believe will be soon be looked back upon as "America's Decade of Shame." Tammy Bruce and her despicable ilk, and their inability to reconcile reality with their selfish little political ploys to hang on to power at all costs...even at the expense of the (once-almighty) "Rule of Law" and National Security will all be poster children for America's Shame.

Hopefully she's squirreling away her book royalties to pay the bills come the day that Americans, including once-great talk radio stations like KABC, realize that real American values...hell, just real values... are more important than the desperate political divisivness of a corrupt crew of selfish America-hating idealogues who care as much about the good of America as they did about black people drowning in their own homes in New Orleans.

I sent her the email that her producer requested I send. I gave her my phone number should she decide she'd like to offer actual information instead of lies and propaganda to her listeners. I have a feeling it'll be a cold day in hell before I hear from her.

I recorded the rest of the show to see if she spoke about the matter again since I had business to do at my appointment. I tried to listen back later to as much as I could to see if she either spoke about the matter or responded to the Email I sent. But now my ears are bleeding.

UPDATE: Tammy has posted a milquetoast "mea culpa" on her website. Apparently, she still doesn't get it. She takes comments on her blog. Feel free to do so.