By Brad Friedman on 2/27/2024, 12:23pm PT  

We are now celebrating 15 years of the Green News Report, our twice-weekly, 6-minute radio feature which is, as far as we know, the longest-running regular program on our public airwaves focused on connecting the critical climate change dots through coverage of environmental news, politics, analysis (and a helpful dose of snarky comment!).

Thanks to all of you who have supported our efforts to make climate news and science accessible and "entertaining" to everyone over these past 15 years (and 1,384 episodes).

We began this particular mission in February of 2009, not long after President Obama was sworn in to office for his first term.

Politics --- especially those opposed by the most powerful and profitable corporations in the history of human civilization --- takes time. Back then, it was ultimately Democrats in Congress who prevented what would have been early, important legislation to begin mitigating what has quickly become our ever-worsening and more deadly climate crisis. They were so close at the time, but couldn't get the ball over the line. Imagine how much farther along we would have been by now had they, 15 years ago, been able to move forward landmark legislation and other climate action akin to that implemented by President Biden, his Administration and Democrats in Congress (and even an occasional Republican or two) over the past three years.

In the meantime, only your donations have allowed us to report on the consequences, both good and bad, while urging for critical action over our public airwaves --- on lord-knows-how-many radio stations --- over all of these years! Try as we might, ExxonMobil just won't take our invitations to become sponsors for some odd reason. They won't even take our calls!

So, thank you for all of your help and support! We hope to continue to make the GNR available to everyone for free. So PLEASE consider an all-important donation (one-time only or, even better, a monthly subscription for any amount you can afford) to help keep us going! We couldn't do any of it without you!

-- Brad & Desi

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