By Brad Friedman on 6/19/2012, 10:20pm PT  

Oh, noes! Someone prepare the fainting couch!

Some blogsite calling itself "Respect in Politics", which claims to be "nonpartisan" and "nonprofit", is simply light-headed with concern over what some disrespectful substitute radio talk show host said on the radio recently!

The site announces at the top of each page that "the lack of respect and civility" is "too frequent in politics and the media" and "needs to be addressed". Well, we agree with the general premise, of course, but only in the case where respect and civility have been earned, not merely granted.

For some unspecified reason, their courageously pseudonymous blogger "Mike888" seems to believe that both the late con-man and apparent-criminal Andrew Breitbart and the Republican Congress Members in the U.S. House of Representatives who continue to confound the idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people, are somehow owed some sort of either respect or civility when they are discussed over our public airwaves.

So who is that disrespectful --- actually "crude", as they describe it --- substitute radio host who was so offensive in "criticizing the right"? Oh, looks like that would be yours truly, naturally...

As the very very sensitive "Mike888" informed whoever reads his blog last week:

We have recently cited the seeming epidemic in negative name-calling. Tonight, a substitute radio host joined the list of offenders.

Brad Friedman, a blogger, journalist, actor, radio broadcaster and director sat in for Mike Malloy and discussed a proposal to make information about campaign contributions more easily accessed.

By way of background, a House Appropriations subcommittee approved this month legislation that would prevent the FCC from using any funds to implement an order in April that requires the four largest stations in the top 50 markets to put online the information about political ad buys that they already must disclose on paper to people who visit the station.

The FCC says it’s a common-sense change that would enhance democracy by making the system more transparent. But Subcommittee Chairwoman Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.) called the order micromanagement by the FCC. She also questioned why the rule just applies to TV stations instead of political ad buyers and other media.

While criticizing Republicans for opposing the rule, Friedman said, “And the jerks on the right who pretend to be against big government were cheering the big government when they were beating the crap out of the peaceful occupiers. Jackasses like Andrew Breitbart were cheering the police, were cheering the big government.”

Name-calling is inappropriate in any setting. The reference to Breitbart, who died just three months ago, is particularly offensive.

Actually, my name-calling of Breitbart was quite subdued, far less than he deserves. You're welcome. In comments at the website --- in my own, and real, name --- I responded:

Mike888 seems to have zero comments on any of his articles (perhaps most were neither respectful nor civilized enough to be approved?), so you'd think he'd approve mine out of the moderation queue. But there it sits invisible to the world. I guess Mike888 doesn't really want any kind of discussion, much less the respectful, civilized and truthful kind.

It should also be noted that Breitbart called for me to be murdered and accused rape victims of raping people (while calling them, respectfully and civilly, "filthy, filthy, filthy raping, murdering freaks"). So yes, I was far more respectful towards him than he ever earned. I suspect the tens of thousands he helped put out of a job would likely agree.

As to the respect and civility due the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives (or the Democrats, for that matter) who are starving the U.S. economy, sending millions home without a paycheck, and likely dooming the planet to irreperable destruction, don't even get me started.

It's always fun doing the Mike Malloy Show! Last fall, while I was sitting in, the wingnuts over at Newsbusters decided they were mad at me too. Though it was unclear what their complaint was initially, it turned out to be inaccurate, even though the initial concern that sent them to the fainting couch was my comment that Herman Cain was "dumb as dirt", since, well, he is.

* * *

UPDATE: It looks like Mike888 has noticed my comment "in moderation" and, rather than unmoderate it, has added it as an addendum --- (not marked "UPDATE" as it should be, and Breitbart's word "prick" has been curiously censored to "p__k" --- Is that "punk"? "Pork"? Who knows?) --- to his article, along with this comment in response to mine:

Brad, we should have picked up the obviously outrageous comments by Breitbart. Wish we could catch everything. Perhaps our capabilities will improve in the future.

Much appreciated. Though, respectful food for civilized thought: Wasn't it the otherwise respectful and civil Jesus Christ who said something about "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast the first stone"? (John 8:7)

I feel it appropriate to have my ducks in a row before I cast aspersions at others. I think it's a respectful and civilized thing to do.

But have a great night, Mike888!

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