The Pathetic Twitterings of a Wingnut Mad Man...
By Brad Friedman on 11/30/2009, 11:47am PT  

[Updated several times at bottom of article...]

Rightwing con man, ACORN conspiracy monger, Drudge protégé, and, naturally, Fox "News" perennial, Andrew Breitbart tweeted in favor of the murder of a climate scientist yesterday...

andrewbreitbart | Capital punishment for Dr James Hansen. Climategate is high treason.
8:22 AM Nov 29th from web part of a Twittered string of his usual lies about global warming, ACORN, and whatever other stuff he feels like making up, as he and his desperately shameless ilk of pretend "conservatives" are wont to do.

But Hansen's murder wasn't the only one Breitbart subsequently called for to his flock of gullibles...

Part of his weekend Twitter spew included the following silly, substance-free tweet, in which he didn't call for anybody's death, just continued his routinely obnoxious propagandizing, this time on the recently revealed stolen emails from climate scientists. Of course, nothing in the hacked emails seems to demonstrate that the facts of global warming are somehow untrue, yet that hasn't stopped knuckleheads like Breitbart, Limbaugh and the other climate science denialists from deluding themselves and/or trying to fool their audience into believing otherwise...

andrewbreitbart | Hey liberals, youre 1s that got taken 4 a weather ride by Gore&Co. We knew it was BS, but they took advantage of U. Now what do U do?
7:33 PM Nov 28th from web

To which I felt inclined to tweet in reply to Breitbart today:

TheBradBlog | @andrewbreitbart What to do? Read truth & see how ur lying to readers. Or, ask icecaps to unmelt & decade to not be hottest in history.
36 minutes ago from web in reply to andrewbreitbart

...and followed up right after with:

TheBradBlog | Really, @andrewbreitbart, are your positions so weak you have to make things up, share only certain info w/ readers? Apparently so. Sad.
about 1 hour ago from web

In what would seem to be a tacit admission that yes, his positions are indeed that weak, he responded by tweeting in favor of my murder as well:

I guess you can now call for anybody's death, anywhere, anytime, for any reason. My Twittered response:

TheBradBlog | @andrewbreitbart said: "@TheBradBlog Capital punishment for you, too!" If ur short on facts, call for murder of opponents. Very impressive!
29 minutes ago from web

If you can't beat 'em, call 'em "Liberals," declare a conspiracy, and then kill 'em, I guess. The story of today's wingnuts in a pathetic nut shell.

UPDATE: Apparently hoping to cover his ass, Breitbart has now followed up with:

andrewbreitbart | @TheBradBlog Capital punishment after a fair trial by your peers isn't murder!
less than a minute ago from web in reply to TheBradBlog

Still no hint at the "crime" for which I am to face the possibility of being murdered after being given my "fair trial." But perhaps "Calling Out Fact-Challenged Liars and Propagandists" is now a crime in Breitbart's little fantasy world. I suspect Breitbart's brain-washed readers see little necessity for either a trial, or any laws to be broken, before meting out their own justice as they see fit. It's a Wingnut World --- we just live in it.

LATER UPDATE: I haven't bothered to Twitter back in reply to his silliness, but it seems I've gotten under poor, sensitive Mr. Breitbart's skin. He has now followed up the above tweet with these gems, proving that punny names for phony scandals and comments that make no sense now suffice in place of facts in Breitbart's World o' Wingnuttery:

andrewbreitbart | @TheBradBlog Please dont be so obtuse 2 paint me as short on facts re: GlobalWarming in wake of Climaquiddick. Wait while 2 lie & obfuscate.
5 minutes ago from web in reply to TheBradBlog
andrewbreitbart | @TheBradBlog Diebold! Diebold!Diebold!Diebold!Diebold!Diebold!Diebold!Diebold!Diebold!Diebold! Boo!
4 minutes ago from web in reply to TheBradBlog

Shhh...better not tell Andy about the article I just did for the right-leaning Gouvernor Times' --- currently their front page lead story --- on the e-voting disaster that was the NY-23 election. It might completely short-circuit his left/right, red/blue, "conservative"/"liberal," Republican/Democratic wiring!

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