By Brad Friedman on 10/8/2011, 5:09pm PT  

Loony Rightwing website Newsbusters seems to have a complaint about Mike Malloy and me, though I'll be damned if I know what it is, even after reading their article.

In any case, thanks for helping us spread the word, Newsbusters!

* * *

UPDATE 10/10/11: When I asked Tim Graham, the author of the silly NewsBusters report cited above, what exactly his complaint was, since it's not particularly clear, he Tweeted to me that "Lefties have this arrogance problem where the conservatives are always 'dumb as dirt'."

In response, I tweeted back: "Generalize much? Did I say 'conservatives are always 'dumb as dirt''? Or that Cain was? You're a media critic. Get it right."

His response in kind: "I wasn't just talking about you and this show. I was generalizing that liberals always thinking they're the smartest. Arrogant."

Of course, his "generalizing" article neither makes that claim, nor bothers to support any part of his contention. Lazy wingnut journalism --- and nice quotes by both Malloy and me about the pathetic state of Republican support for corporatist cronyism and corruption over the general welfare of middle-class American citizens --- is all we're left with. So thanks again for helping to get the word out, NewsBusters!

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