By Lizz Winstead on 3/21/2011, 2:08pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Lizz Winstead

[Ed Note: And now for something completely different. As a welcome distraction from the last week plus of covering the Fukushima nuclear crisis around the clock (most recently here and here and here, for example), I was delighted to catch my friend Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show (originally hosted by Craig Kilbourne and now by Jon Stewart) and Minnesota native, distracting her own self yesterday on Twitter by answering 100 questions (more or less) from her "Tweeps". As the questions to and answers from Lizz were alternately amusing, provocative, hilarious and occasionally just inane, I asked her if she'd mind if we ran them in full here at The BRAD BLOG, typos, occasional misnumbering and all, as a guest blog today, just in case you needed the temporary distraction as much as I did. In those hopes, here's at least 99 more things to know about Lizz than you ever thought you wanted to...Oh, and for the Twitter challenged, "RT" means "Re-tweet". So you'll see the user's question re-tweeted (quoted briefly), followed by her answer to it in each tweet. If you need any more explanation than that, you're shit outta luck. I'm busy! - Brad]

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#100FactsAboutMe seems off to me. People should ask questions that force people to give up answers. More fun: #IllAnswer100questions
RT @lunarobverse: @lizzwinstead Do you date men shorter than you? / 1. I have yes
RT @kenlowery: @lizzwinstead Any lasting regrets re: career? /2. poor anger management at times but mostly no regrets
RT @paulisded: @lizzwinstead Replacements, Soul Asylum, or Husker Du as greatest Minneapolis rock band? /3.Mats
RT @ELDING: @lizzwinstead So will you or won't you be hosting another PoliSnark Workshop someday so I might plan way, way ahead...? 4. Yes
RT @FatChickinLA: @lizzwinstead Do you like to sign autographs? /5. Its uncomfortable but I will becaus eit means something to someone
RT @guybranum: @lizzwinstead Top three Minnesota State Fair foods? /6. Fries, porkchop, Corn dog
RT @real_danimal: @lizzwinstead /7. xmas tree, My mouth wld get me in trouble, Susie, dog, cocker/lab mix
RT @kristadills: @lizzwinstead Are you coming to Atlanta soon, and..bonus points, did I score tickets already? /yes and yes?
RT @stevearrowood: @lizzwinstead Where/how was T.D.Show created? /9. In NYC, in the heads of 2 smart women 1n 1995/1996
RT @creekbear: @lizzwinstead best building in MPLS? / 10. Nyes
RT @1MJ: @lizzwinstead what was your worst date? /11. blind date. Watching him jump for joy as Gulf war 1 unfolded on bar TV
RT @henrygram: @lizzwinstead What accomplishment are you most proud of ? (professionally) 12. hm. I think Wake up world need more than 140
RT @workingmomfence: @lizzwinstead who are your favorite funny ladies?/ 13. Too many to list so I will say my sisters
RT @MplsMusicAlly: @lizzwinstead 14. I do work I love, credit comes if people see your voice in the work. I'm happy
RT @charmedimsure: @lizzwinstead So... What's the deal with Craig Kilbourn? #channelingSeinfeld /15. Who?
RT @ljishie: @lizzwinstead biggest triumph? /16. Believing In Myself an the shit I took yesterday. Epic
RT @limbsoup: @lizzwinstead Are you my mother? / 17. Are you medical waste? If so, maybe
RT @FatChickinLA: @lizzwinstead Do you think woman are as funny as men? 18. I think humor is subjective so anyone is as funny as anyone else
RT @SettleSays: @lizzwinstead What's your escape from writing, talking, words in general.. /19. Music, cooking, yoga, dogs
RT @thetruthwillout: @lizzwinstead Do you plan on getting married and having a in "kids"?/ 20. Never wanted marriage and kids.
RT @TheMJMiller: @lizzwinstead Minneapolis or St. Paul?/ 21. Mpls
RT @stevearrowood: @lizzwinstead Fave Mpls/StP bfast, lunch, din?/ 22. bfast: Keyes/ Lunch: Ikes/ Dinner: The Grand Bakery
RT @crash_the_dog: @lizzwinstead - was Kilborn a) as big a douche as he seemed or b) a bigger douche than he seemed?/ 23. who?
RT @JerryMander: @lizzwinstead Why? /24. Why not?
RT @dearsmitty: @lizzwinstead Who's the funniest Tom Morgan you have met in, say, the past two days at a writing workshop?/ 25. Tom Morgan
RT @krissimmons: @lizzwinstead Song that's playing as U R walking away fr man who'll never deserve you? 26. Tall in Saddle, Joan armatrading
RT @AshleyBenlove: @lizzwinstead Would you ever go back to The Daily Show? / 27. If they needed me, yes. But Jon has it down. He rulz
RT @stef2dope: @lizzwinstead how does one get a chance to go out with you? / 28. Most don't. Those that do are never heard from again.
RT @eyeofbrown: @lizzwinstead How tall are you?/ 28. 5.8
RT @crap4face: @lizzwinstead T -n- A (.Y.) / 29. "In The Butt Bob."
RT @jazzidiot: @lizzwinstead is it OK if I thnk of U at those times, in that way? / 30. As Long as you don't envision me hosting the Oscars
RT @KIllingYourBuzz: @lizzwinstead are you high right now? / 31. Smoking meth though my anal cavity. Preserves the teeth
RT @alexismadrigal: 33. Oh course not. You are a hack
RT @Greenethoughts: @lizzwinstead Funniest D.S. Alum? Helms? Carrel? Colbert? Other? / 34. Brian Unger @bungerla
RT @ELDING: @lizzwinstead If you had to bang a Kennedy, would it be JFK or RFK? / 35. Tom Kennedy, Hosted Split Second in the 1970's
RT @henrygram: @lizzwinstead Who really pisses you off these days? / 36. Any with power who is fucking up.
RT @becks58: @lizzwinstead are you sorry you started answering these questions? 37. I wish ppl would step up their game!
RT @louischance: @lizzwinstead Shields or Yarnell? / 38. Frack
RT @rtrac3y: @lizzwinstead What's your favorite Disneyland/world ride? 39. Bashful
RT @geoff9cow: @lizzwinstead - if could chose to live AND perform in any decade / 40. Hm. 1940's. I would like to be Barbara Stanwyck
RT @ThisIsTooEasy: @lizzwinstead can we have drinks next time you come to L.A. :) / 41. Only if you have registered in your neighborhood
RT @djw511: @lizzwinstead wouldn't it be a hoot to be on wtf with @marcmaron ? / 42. Yes it would. I am hoping I have the chance 1 day
RT @richfeldman: @lizzwinstead Paper or boxers? / 43. Depends
RT @jbrown3079: @lizzwinstead Boxers or briefs?/ already got that one :(
RT @hmx5: @lizzwinstead How do you explain Twitter to ppl who say they "don't get it"? / 44. I slowly back away after I have stabbed them.
RT @henrygram: @lizzwinstead any words on Palin's israel tour? / 45. AIPAC of lies it will be.
RT @jamrockstar: @lizzwinstead What might one have to do to get you to speak at a DFL event in October? / 46. Ask and offer cash.
RT @Twittemus: @lizzwinstead Paper or plastic? / 47. Is this another underwear question?
RT @speaks_so_well: @lizzwinstead Do you consider Minneapolis or NYC your home? / 48. my roots r MN but home is NYC.
RT @mpf2011: @lizzwinstead Why are ppl asking you questions? / 48. We are all lonely and sad
RT @secretcabdriver: @lizzwinstead First act as Queen of World? /49. Feed everyone. When ppl are full, they lay down instead of going to war
RT @NewEnglishDaze: @lizzwinstead If you could pick anything, such as a bridge, what would you like named after you? / 50. A dog park
RT @BrewCityBrawler: @lizzwinstead worst thing about mpls (not weather)? / 51. The passive aggressive Lutherans and no good delivery
RT @ginalou: @lizzwinstead Favorite non-political blog? 52. Ruth Reichl
RT @doktorbuzzo: @lizzwinstead Can you fit Prince in your hip pocket? /53. If I could he would be there now
RT @mpf2011: @lizzwinstead Who do you think is the funniest Daily Show correspondent--past or present? /answered already Brian Unger
RT @emptywheel: @lizzwinstead Most memorable meal? / 54. Mario Batali cookin at my house with Bourdain. pasta, vinegar pork chops.
RT @jamieharbor: @lizzwinstead Ever been threatened by an angry teabagger? Picketed? / 55. Yes. At many a Clinic fundraiser
RT @vcthree: @lizzwinstead How was it working in the radio business for that brief time? /56. I love radio. It is such a personal medium
RT @Gurdur: @lizzwinstead Q: What (srsly + non-srsly) would you like to build next? / 57. unapologetic political humor site/TV show
RT @gameandpc: @lizzwinstead Are you ever going to stage a coup/revolution/tyrannical uprising and what can we do to help? /58. Yes. TBD
RT @GregPutnam: @lizzwinstead What was the first thing you thought of doing during the Super Moon? / 59. I wish I was kissing someone
RT @TheMJMiller: @lizzwinstead Heath, Jared or Nick Barkley? /60. Charlie Callas
RT @marcacohen: @lizzwinstead Do you secretly wish you were jewish? /61. No, I am extremely anti semitic
RT @crash_the_dog: @lizzwinstead grocery store - 3 items would most make the clerk think "wtf?" 62. fabreeze, lighter fluid funyons
RT @henrygram: @lizzwinstead Biggest misconception people have of you? / 65. That I love NASCAR
RT @jazzidiot: @lizzwinstead Red Vines or Twizzlers? / 66. BLACK LICORICE
RT @Marcwcook: @lizzwinstead if it would save the lives of yerdogs, would you vote republican the rest of your life? 67. blow them, not vote
RT @Pilloporto: @lizzwinstead popular kid or nerd in HS? /68. Both. student council/pothead/danceline/theater
RT @Drawmark: @lizzwinstead Who's the Funniest alum from Weekends with Maury and Connie? /69. MY FAV QUESTION!!! Connie
RT @Liberalmomma: @lizzwinstead Who is/was your favorite Beatle and what is your favorite Beatles song? /70. John. In My Life
RT @rponto: @lizzwinstead "Torpedo of Truth" tour: great idea - or Freudian tragedy? /71. Finest Moment In American Introspection
RT @RosettaStone1: @lizzwinstead Who will be the Republican presiential candidate in 2012? / 72. Virginia Thomas
RT @LowerSpringdale: @lizzwinstead Marry, Fuck, Kill: @pattonoswalt, @TheEllenShow, @MikeVick ? / 74. fuck, fuck, kill in this order
RT @kelbutt: @lizzwinstead Favorite Monkee? 77. Davey
RT @kimperious: @lizzwinstead Important question: Which side do you fall on? Nyes: Polka Bar or Piana Bar side? / Both
RT @EmEeeBee: @lizzwinstead Are you going to answer every question? 78. yes, but not repeats.
RT @marcacohen: @lizzwinstead two people (living or dead) you'd most like to have dinner with? / My dad again
RT @jbrown3079: @lizzwinstead Is answering these questions keeping you from finishing your book? / 81. YES!
RT @RosettaStone1: @lizzwinstead Favorite "pick-me-up" song ? / 82. Uptown Prince, I Will Dare, Replacements
RT @rponto: @lizzwinstead Subject of a "last lecture" would be... 83. Pork
RT @NuclearMango: @lizzwinstead remember this? PIC: /84. Yes. NN2010
RT @improvperson: @lizzwinstead name 3 things that people need to talk about more: / 85. media criticism, citizens United, women's rights
RT @RBWUncleRock: @lizzwinstead Fuck marry kill..Prince, Westerberg, Pirner / 86. hm. 2 are friends here so westerberg, Pirner, Prince
RT @RosettaStone1: @lizzwinstead How do you decide which questions to answer? / 87. I answer most.
RT @mikejolk: @lizzwinstead Epiphany from your last workshop? / 88. More time means more connection and better product.
RT @ExecMoonbeam: @lizzwinstead What is your guiltiest pleasure? / 89. McDonalds Fries, Lifetime Movies
RT @Houckadoodledoo: @lizzwinstead What's your favorite place besides MPLS or NYC? / 90. PARIS and Montauk
RT @rponto: @lizzwinstead Any foreign languages? /91. French
RT @byepluto: @lizzwinstead How do you distinguish between an idiot and a fool / 92. A fool is an idiot who does not know he is.
RT @footsasleep: @lizzwinstead Can you keep a secret? / 93. Yes. It's why I have so many old friends
RT @RosettaStone1: @lizzwinstead Who is your favorite non-fiction author? / 94. Molly Ivins
RT @doktorbuzzo: @lizzwinstead Which troubled celebrity most needs a hug and a "there, there" from you? / 94. gadaffi
RT @MissAlmiraGulch: @lizzwinstead Best memory (food ) of living in San Francisco? / 95. The wilted spinach salad at Cha Cha Cha
RT @geor3ge: @lizzwinstead Who composes the musical of your life? / 96. Gershwin
RT @eyeofbrown: @lizzwinstead Do you ever block people simply because they start following you? / Only if they hate dogs
RT @ZoltanMS: @lizzwinstead First paid writing gig? / 96. Women Aloud I think...
RT @mannielynn: @lizzwinstead who would have been a great first woman president? / 97. Lassie
RT @derekjjohnson: How on Earth did you recognize a random Twitter buddy in Vegas / 98. If you value my words, I try to do the same?
RT @3Geezy: @lizzwinstead Best excuse to not return a call? / You are the subject of the book, 98. "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly"
RT @subschema: @lizzwinstead Favourite coping mechanism for a breakup? / 99. dog piles, distance
RT @kristadills: @lizzwinstead Most unfortunate tattoo? / 100. No tats
Fuck do I keep going here??
RT @drywall: @lizzwinstead Any plans to come to New Mexico? / 101. Make it happen
RT @hriefs: @lizzwinstead Bigger brain: you, Maddow or Stewart? / 101. Maddow, then Stewart, I am not even in their league.

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Lizz Winstead is a comedian and the co-creator and former head writer of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. She a frequent contributor to MSNBC's The Ed Show and was a founder and early program director of Air America where she co-hosted Unfiltered with rapper Chuck D and some lady known as Rachel Maddow. Her official website is and she can be followed on Twitter at @LizzWinstead where she can frequently be found procrastinating from finishing her upcoming new book.

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