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By John Gideon on 7/28/2008, 4:18pm PT  

As reported in today’s “Featured” article problems encountered during New York State’s tough certification testing have caused the timeline for the 2009 rollout of state’s new voting machines to slip. Now the State Board of Elections has notified the Court that it will not be possible to complete testing on schedule and deploy the new machines in time for the September 2009 primary, as the Court has ordered. Why has this happened? Bo Lipari, the author of the blog, reports that the State Board of Elections has stated, “In the July 24, 2008 weekly status meeting SysTest announced that the vendors were not ready for testing at this point in time due to various issues, among them: documentation issues, testing machines supplied which did not function, lacked hard drives and or USB ports and therefore could not be tested.” Is it any surprise that the vendors, ES&S and Sequoia, are not ready for testing? In what other industry would a contractor come to a state, in hopes of making hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, with a product that was not ready to be tested? ...

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