Philip Giraldi Slams the American MSM, Says Former FBI Translator's Allegations of the Sale of U.S. Nuke Secrets to the Foreign Black Market 'Must be Heard'...
By Brad Friedman on 2/4/2008, 4:49pm PT  

Former CIA analyst and international security and counter-terrorism expert Philip Giraldi has filed some of the American media's best reports (even though we realize that's not necessarily saying much) on the Sibel Edmonds case.

If you missed it a week or two ago, Giraldi filed a detailed report on the latest of Edmonds' allegations on the sale of U.S. nuclear secrets, on the foreign black market, to friend and foe alike, as aided and abetted by very high-ranking U.S. officials. His article, published at American Conservative Magazine and titled "Found in Translation," is a must read for both folks new to the issue and those who may have missed a beat or two along the way. The case also, if you haven't noticed, ties in to the Valerie Plame Wilson/Brewster Jennings CIA Leak Case, and includes allegations that her cover company was outed to foreign agents by the #3 in the State Department, Marc Grossman, years before Robert Novak wrote his infamous column blowing the cover of the previously covert Plame Wilson.

Giraldi has now posted a slightly more general read this morning at Huffington Post, in an article titled "Sibel Edmonds Must Be Heard." The piece offers both an easily readable summary of the case so far and another scathing (and well-deserved) condemnation of the American corporate mainstream media for all but ignoring the story.

He even notes, correctly, the failure of "so-called gadflies like Olbermann and Moyers" to cover this story, as we detailed ourselves several moons ago...

Of course Huffington Post, whose current top headline on the "Politics" page is: "Goodfellas: DeNiro Backs Obama In Jersey," has been less than stellar in its own coverage of these issues as well. While they did feature a front page cross-posting of "Pentagon Papers" whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg's recent op-ed on the American MSM's failure to cover and report on the Edmonds case (originally published at The BRAD BLOG here), so far Giraldi's post has been buried to all but those who seek it out.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: We also write for Huff Po ourselves from time to time.)

We hope you'll read Giraldi's latest Huff Po story in full, so we're loath to quote too much of it here. The final graf, however, must be noted far and wide:

Article III of the Constitution of the United States defines treason as giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. This has been interpreted by US courts to include the selling or betrayal of defense secrets to foreign powers. Sibel Edmonds is talking about treason at the highest levels of the United State government and it is clear that a cover up is going on orchestrated by the Bush Administration that is being aided and assisted by an acquiescent media. It is time that Sibel's voice be heard.

To quote from the musical 1776: Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

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