By John Gideon on 9/3/2007, 4:31pm PT  

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HR-811 is rumored to be going to the floor of the House for a vote on Wed. Sept. 5. They would not allow it to go for a vote unless they had the votes to pass it so, I imagine, it is now a done deal. However, suddenly we are being informed that those who were hoping for the benefits of the bill for 2008 are probably going to be disappointed. It seems that through the writing of the bill and three complete rewrites there is a funding problem. When the bill goes to the floor there will be a bipartisan “unfunded mandate” amendment that will be allowed to be voted on and added to the bill if it passes. This amendment will require action on the bill to be held up until funding can be appropriated; in other words 2010 or 2012 or never. So everything is status quo for 2008 (DREs, no vvpat, no audits) except no one can say if the non-funding portions of the bill would also be delayed. So the protection of the vendor’s software may happen upon signature by the President. The vendors are protected while the voters get no protections. And, Holt and his people knew about this for months. I’m told it was public information but if no one points you to the information the information is not public; it’s hidden in plain sight....

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