July 17th FCC Deadline for Public Comments on 'Net Neutrality'..
By Brad Friedman on 7/13/2007, 12:11pm PT  

We didn't pay attention or speak up, until after it was too late to save our democracy. Let's not make the same mistake when it comes to saving the world's greatest democratizer ever, the Internet, for the people.

Several weeks ago we ran a "Net Neutrality" video by SaveTheInternet.com. It explained the sitch, as we asked you to guess at the voices of the two characters in the amusing JibJab-style video. Nobody guessed correctly, so we'll disclose that now. The voices were performed by yours truly (Brad Friedman), and Mimi Kennedy of both Dharma & Greg and Progressive Democrats of America fame.

Now, an FCC deadline of July 16th is quickly approaching. The latest video from SaveTheInternet.com, while not nearly as funny as the previous one, gives you marching orders on how to take action. You can send your opinion to the FCC right here.

We already lost democracy, and will likely be fighting for years to get it back from the private corporate interests who have claimed ownership of it. Let's not let that same thing happen with The Internets...

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