By John Gideon on 2/28/2006, 5:10pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

I'm back and today's DVN includes some articles from the past two days added in with today's articles. Early voting for this year's primaries is taking place in TX and IL. It looks like NY will be using their lever machines for another election year. It would be catastrophic for them to change this late in the game. PA is a mess with counties rushing to get anything and not much really certified by the state or federal authorities. ...

  • AK: Election officials reject file request LINK
  • AR: Benton County - Election changes worry county officials LINK
  • AR: Crawford County - Officials Making Voting Improvements LINK
  • AZ: Election Official's Diebold Tirade Caught on Tape as Electoral Integrity Battle Nears Boiling Point! LINK
  • CA: Bowen slams voting systems in Santa Cruz speech LINK
  • CA: Lassen County - June election may be conducted totally by mail LINK
  • FL: Wexler Urges Secretary of State Cobb to Move Expeditiously on Implementing a Paper Trail in Florida LINK
  • GA: Ensure Accurate Elections LINK
  • IL: Early voting makes its debut today LINK
  • IL: Early voting starts slowly LINK
  • IL: Cook County - Chicago and Cook County Voters Urged to Check Ballots Carefully LINK
  • IL: Cook County - Now you can vote early ... legally LINK
  • IL: DuPage County - Will DuPage (IL) Voters get "scrunched" in early voting? LINK
  • IN: Berrien County - Today, a vote and a test. Berrien County switches equipment to comply with federal law. (Sequoia OS) LINK
  • ME: Bangor OKs reduction in polling places LINK
  • MI: Feds demand Mich. voter roll cleanup LINK
  • MO: Madison County consolidates polling places. St. Francois County has no plans for consolidation LINK
  • MS: Storm poses election hurdles - Heavy influx of Louisiana residents could change the politics of the Magnolia State LINK
  • NC: Craven County - Craven may refit election booths LINK
  • NY: Stopgap Accord Sought on Voting System LINK
  • NY: Old voting machines to stay for 2006 LINK
  • NY: Opinion - Ballot countdown LINK
  • NY: Look for same old voting machines LINK
  • NY: N.Y. won't get new election machines this year LINK
  • NY: Chenango County - New Chenango voting machines won't be ready by fall LINK
  • PA: Voting Activists accused by PA SofS of stalling HAVA. Blaming the Victims? LINK
  • PA: Citizens Respond To Allegations That Lawsuit Delayed Voting Machines LINK
  • PA: State tells counties to get electronic voting humming LINK
  • PA: Opinion - Too little time to change voting for May primaries LINK
  • PA: Officials seek more time for voting switch LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County - Board votes for new machines (Sequoia Advantage) LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County - County will buy Sequoia voting machines LINK
  • PA: Northampton County - Stoffa plans to buy voting machines (AVS WINvote) LINK
  • TX: Justice Department Settles Voting Rights Lawsuit with Hale County, Texas LINK
  • WY: County clerks: Wyo ready for 2006 elections (20 counties AutoMARK 3 counties Diebold OS) LINK
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