By John Gideon on 11/29/2005, 5:06pm PT  

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It was an interesting day today. California media are still talking about the 'hack', or no 'hack', and now the SoS is talking about doing a 'hack' on all voting systems. This should be interesting and we will continue to watch as this all develops. Also getting media attention across the country is the court decision in North Carolina. This could have national implications for Diebold because other states require source code escrow. If Diebold is not willing to do it in NC, how are they doing it elsewhere?...

  • CA: Hacking of voting machines put on hold\">LINK
  • CA: California may impose hacker test on all electronic vote machines http://www.montereyheral...reyherald/13278872.htm\">LINK
  • CA: Opinion - Security of Diebold machines must past a hacker test http://www.mercurynews.c...s/opinion/13281914.htm\">LINK
  • CA: Voting-machine deadline at risk\">LINK
  • ID: Idaho to spend $6M on voting machines for disabled\">LINK
  • NC: EFF Convinces North Carolina Judge To Throw Out Diebold E-Voting Case\">LINK
  • NC: Judge says no to vote-count firm (Diebold) http://www.newsobserver..../102/story/372156.html\">LINK
  • NJ: Trenton Clerk vote recount: Round 1\">LINK
  • NY: Vote of No Confidence. New York shows up late in national push for clean voting,murphy,70447,5.html\">LINK
  • OH: Trumbull County - Two votes get stalled at board of elections\">LINK
  • PA: Cumberland County - Court asked to rule in 2 races (Programming error by ES&S)\">LINK
  • PA: Delaware County - Delco Council Gives Final Approval For $10 Million Voting Equipment\">LINK
  • PA: Hart InterCivic's eSlate Electronic Voting System Certified by State of Pennsylvania http://home.businesswire...05887&newsLang=en\">LINK
  • VA: Recount looms for McDonnell, Deeds\">LINK
  • VA: Petition officially begins recount in attorney general's race\">LINK
  • VA: Montgomery County - Registrar weighs in on incomplete registrations http://www.collegiatetim...a8740dc3f2890bf5dd8089\">LINK
  • INternational: Venezuela - Paper trail wanted for vote http://www.thedailyjourn...&ArticleId=206139\">LINK
  • INternational: Venezuela opposition party pulls out of congressional elections, saying conditions unfair\">LINK
  • INternational: Canada - A Black Box Election for Canada?;order=0&thold=0\">LINK
  • INternational: Venezuela - Top Venezuela opposition party pulls out of vote\">LINK
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