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BRAD BLOG Guest Blogger Lydia Cornell Responds to Ann Coulter's Astounding Violation of Her Privacy
By Lydia Cornell on 11/29/2005, 5:15pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Lydia Cornell

(NOTE FROM BRAD: Lydia has been overwhelmed with notes, media interviews and yes, phone calls, since her original BRAD BLOG article on Ann Coulter and certainly since Coulter decided to post her private information on her website. It's been nearly 24 hours, and --- incredibly --- Coulter has yet to remove Lydia's personal information from her website. If you happen to read this in time, Lydia will be on Bob Kincaid's Head-On radio show at 6pm PT if you care to tune in or call in. You can listen online here.)

I have received so many wonderful letters of support, since posting my original article about Ann Coulter here on BRAD BLOG there is no doubt in my mind we are on the right path, shining light on hatred and perversity. Her personal attack against me as posted on her website last night seems to confirm that notion.

My phone has also, unfortunately, been ringing off the hook from people who call and just hang up. Thank you, Ann.

I see that Bill O'Reilly referred with outrage to Media Matters as having "violated your privacy by putting out your personal e-mail address" when in fact, according to this website, they hadn't actually posted anything but a public email address.

Since Brad reported on Bill O'Reilly's Enemy List today, I wonder if he'll add Coulter to his list, or at least show Ann Coulter the same kind of outrage --- and call her a "Zombie" as he did Media Matters --- for violating my privacy next time he has her on his show.

However, the news is still good and my hope for the country is unshaken. Only one out of every 20 letters I've received has been a hateful one. Here's an incredibly cruel letter from someone (whose email address and name I have removed!)...

In a message dated 11/29/05 10:32:57 AM, [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED!] writes:

To quote another wonderfully intelligent blonde conservative ,"shut up and act!" My opinion is that you are an overrated "actress" that does not have a scintilla of comparative brain matter to qualify your "sophmoronic" addressing of anything Ann Coulter has to say. I would pay alot of money to watch Ann absolutely BURY you in a debate. You liberal idiots and your ilk should have been standing in a line at the WTC when they were hit. I for one would not have minded.

I was accused by one person of spewing hate in my article, exactly the way Coulter does. Well I beg to differ. Comparing her to a fundamentalist fanatic or mentioning that the Nazis used hate-speak to incite the banishment of an entire category of people --- is not the same thing as actually calling for the "killing of liberals or beating them up with a baseball bat: "I think a baseball bat is the most effective way these days" to talk to liberals." Or, as reprinted in Media Matters, "her pondering if it would be better "to impeach or assassinate" Bill Clinton and expressing her "only regret" that Oklahoma City bomber Timother McVeigh "did not go to the New York Times building." Also on last Friday's edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, Coulter charged that Democrats are "gutless traitors" and "long to see U.S. troops shot."

I wrote Coulter a brief letter asking her to please remove my personal info from her site. I trust that she will do so. Though perhaps I've again misplaced my trust.

As to the nice comments, of which there have been many many more, here's a few examples that truly warm my heart:

Worfeus said:

I can't begin to tell you how eerie it was reading your posts, particularly about the Christian right, and how you had a "jaw-gnashing", (actually, I think it's a gnashing of teeth.) For years now I have felt somewhat alone on this topic. It seems that those who call themselves after the name of Christ have never bothered to read one word that is attributed to him. That is until I read your posts..."

You can read the entire letter here where it was left as a comment on my own blog.

I also want to respond to the BRAD BLOG comment on my original article about Christ saying "I come with a sword." The letter I got below perfectly explains this. My comments are in parentheses.

Anonymous said:

God Bless you Lydia, you are fighting the good fight and as a fellow Christian, I applaud your courage, your wisdom and your words. You write beautifully! Thank you for your effort to shine a light on evil and speak up! Please never stop. Christians who understand what Christ came to teach us, would never justify hatred or war from these words: 'I come not to bring peace, but a sword.' He is talking about cutting the hatred out of your own heart (like the plank in your own eye). The sword is spiritual, (it divides the wheat from the chaff) --- as everyone knows who reads Christ's entire Sermon on the Mount/ The Beatitudes. As you said, Christ admonished us to focus on the spirit, not the letter. Can't wait for your book.

That someone like Ann Coulter, who should know much better, would do something so violating of another person's privacy --- no matter how she might disagree with them politically --- is still remarkable to me. But there is always a good side. I just received a beautiful voice message from a woman who is encouraging me. She said: "Loved your article; there are more of us than you know..."

I'm happy to receive that confirmation of what I'd already expected. Thanks to all of you for keeping that faith.

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