By John Gideon on 11/20/2005, 5:07pm PT  

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Ohio is continuing as the Ĺposter child' for how not to run elections. One presiding judge in a polling site in Lucas County, OH reported that at the end of election night the paper record was blank on the two busiest voting machines at one polling site. The rovers who came to close his precinct told him they hoped the votes were stored on the memory cards or in the machines themselves, but did not appear as concerned as Mr. Small. He said he left with no confidence that the votes from those machines were counted. And on the day following the election Blackwell told the press that the election was a complete success? Meanwhile the news from Georgia is unbelievable as it pertains to the VoterID issue. See the articles below for more on this story. ...

  • AR: Voting-machine firm good fit, Daniels says (ES&S)\">LINK
  • GA: ID law may alter voting as whole (Excuse free absentee voting was part of that law) http://www.onlineathens....news_20051120072.shtml\">LINK
  • GA: Senator says voter ID law may be changed (He would allow someone who can't afford the money for the ID card to sign a ôpaupers affidavitö. Unbelievable!!!) http://www.onlineathens....news_20051120076.shtml\">LINK
  • GA: Rep. Burmeister is backed by party after report (She made the racially tinged comments about voterID) http://chronicle.augusta...2005/met_5756325.shtml\">LINK
  • GA: Voter ID pot keeps boiling\">LINK
  • MA: Holyoke - Recount requested for Ward 4\">LINK
  • MA: Pittsfield - Council recount requested http://www.berkshireeagl...m/headlines/ci_3236187\">LINK
  • MI: Lecturer keeps conspiracy out there (Bob Fitrakis)\">LINK
  • MN: Paper ballot is still king in some parts of the state http://www.startribune.c...ories/587/5736395.html\">LINK
  • NY: Opinion - Get the vote right: New York headed for trouble if counties don't have voting-machine choices.\">LINK
  • OH: Lucas County ľ Editorial - Election woes (continued)\">LINK
  • OH: Lucas County - NAACP vote hearing details new flaws\">LINK
  • PA: Chester County - Residents: New voting system needs paper trail\">LINK
  • PA: Cumberland County - Another chance to vote\">LINK
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