Conservative media aligns to appoint right-wing radicals to court
By David Edwards on 10/10/2005, 12:10pm PT  

Guest blogged by David Edwards

It has long been the goal of the Republican Party to push the courts to the right by stacking them with radical conservatives. As the right-wing has become fractured over Bush's Miers nomination to the Supreme Court, conservative media sources have been a force in speaking out against the nomination.

The conservative outrage against Bush's nomination has further exposed the right-wing agenda of media sources. As Arianna Huffington points out, Meet the Press featured a debate between two conservatives on this Sunday's show as if right-wing opinions were all that matters with regard to the Miers nomination. Arianna explains:

First up, a "debate" about Harriet Miers. And who did Meet the Press select to frame the debate about our possible next Supreme Court Justice?

We were treated to viewpoints from, on one side, the Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land, and on the other, Pat Buchanan.

Yes, the two disagree, thereby, I suppose, fulfilling Meet the Press's obligation to journalism by presenting an antiphonal debate. The problem is, Harriet Miers, if confirmed, will be a Supreme Court justice for everyone, not just for the far end of the right-wing spectrum. This is not some intramural squabble about a staff vacancy on the right; we all have to live under the law as Miers will, potentially, decide it.

During this weeks edition of Fox's Fox News Watch, conservative pundit Cal Thomas notes how conservative media were part of the "conservative team" working on a Supreme Court agenda. Fox employee, Jim Pinkerton, added that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are aligned as part of that "conservative team".

News Hounds sums it up like this: that two Fox News employees have publicly confirmed that Fox News is aligned with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, that it's part of a "conservative team" that has been "fighting for years" to see an ultra-conservative nominated to the Supreme Court, let's dispense, once and for all, with the "fair and balanced," "we report, you decide" Fox News charade.

Watch the video of Fox News pundits admitting their network's bias towards the conservative agenda... Windows Media format or Quicktime format.