Raw intel: Ft. Monroe / Charleston nuke drill rescheduled for Thursday Aug. 18
Fear that New World Order types will make the drill go live is palpable.
By Winter Patriot on 8/18/2005, 3:04am PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

I know not what course most other bloggers have been taking, because I've been so busy here that I've had no time to read any of them [except my very favorites!] ... but as for me, lately I have been very leery of fear-mongering. I do not want to write about this story. I never want to scare anyone --- especially unnecessarily. But, as they say, better safe than sorry.

This is not going to be easy for any of us, and it's taken me a long time to decide what to do about it. But I finally have a plan, and here it is: I'll repost a couple of comments from Torqued [many thanks for these, O Twisted One], who has highlighted the most important bits of news from total411.info ... followed by a few other choice bits from whence that came ... and then a few thoughts of my own.

Please do not wallow in fear.

We are all afraid. We cannot afford to let it paralyze us. We have to make it work for us. And believe it or not, there are things we can do, steps we can take, to try to prevent what looks to be an imminent, false-flagged, nuclear attack.

Breathe deeply.


Raw intel: Ft. Monroe / Charleston nuke drill rescheduled for Aug. 18 (Thursday)

(Total411.info) --- August 17 8pm EDT --- Naval source says U.S. Navy drill scheduled for Charleston Harbor today, Aug. 17, has been RESCHEDULED for Thursday afternoon, at approximately 3:30pm .

Source confirms drill is tied to NORTHCOM nuclear terror command drill at Ft. Monroe.

Undermanned Naval Hospital told to prepare extra beds...

Fear that New World Order types will make the drill go live is palpable.

And there's this:

Drills prepare responders for terrorism

To kick off North Carolina's biggest anti-terrorism drill, Fort Bragg soldiers stormed a bus full of visiting congressional dignitaries held hostage early Monday. Then they teamed up with an elite FBI unit to track down terrorists who spirited those captives away.

This sprawling, four-day exercise involves more than 80 state, federal and local agencies. It continues today with a mock raid on a terrorist safe house at Fort Bragg and a retaliatory strike with a radioactive "dirty bomb."

(Total411.info) Aug. 16 --- RAW INTEL UNVERIFIED --- Someone claiming to be in the Navy posted the following comment to total911.info. This website has communicated further with the source, who seems credible. This is what the source posted:

I am navy here in charleston....i know for a fact that the nurses in charge of the clinics in the hospital in north charleston, which is just a few blocks away from the harbor have "freed" up the doctors sched tomorrow so they can attend said drill. i was talking about this to a fellow corpsman and one of the head nurses said we weren't to talk about it, and that he had just freed up the docs to attend the drill. its not to be common knowledge he said. there where no other details discussed.

Interviewing further the source, one of the games being played military spokesmen becomes apparent. You see, the Charleston Naval Base is based in the city of North Charleston, South Carolina. So when NORTHCOMM told the Charleston Post and Courier there were no drills scheduled for Charleston --- that didn't include North Charleston, which is a different city. North Charleston contains the Naval ports --- "ports off Charleston."

You can read more background by clicking the links. Or you can go straight to the action points. This is from the same source, total411.info:

Everyone should read "Key General fired as nuke terror drill set for Aug 17" and all the pages linked from that item as well. With that background, folks should call the following places and calmly, yet urgently, state that on both 9/11 and 7/7, "drills" mimicking the actual attacks were ongoing, which enabled an actual attack to "go live" amidst the confusion. Tell whoever you're talking to that they should be aware another "inside job" is possible, particularly with the strange firing of Rumsfeld opponent Gen. Byrnes earlier this month.

Now, all this may be going overboard, but better safe than sorry. So consider calling the following people:

  • Your Congressman and Senators. All are home for recess right now, so try their local offices. The switchboard for their offices in the Capitol are (202) 224-3121.
  • White House: 202-456-2421
  • FEMA Region IV (Atlanta): 770-220-5200, (770) 220-5224, and (770) 220-5225.
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution --- ask if they're looking into the local FEMA office's role: 404-526-5342 or 1-800-756-2489
  • South Carolina Emergency Management Division: 803-737-8500
  • Charleston Post-Courier 843-937-5561
  • Charleston television: WCBD 2 --- 1-843-884-2288 ; WCIV 4 --- (843) 723-4403 ; WCSC 5 (843) 402-5555
  • North Carolina Emergency Management (919)733-3825 ("Mid-August" terror drill scheduled over several days)
  • Joint Task Force Civil Support at Ft. Monroe at 757-788-6259
  • United States Marine Corps' Chemical Biological Incident Response Force: (301)744-2038 ; (301)744-2027 ; (301)744-2069
  • NORTHCOMM: 719-554-4652
  • Pentagon: 703/545-6700
  • C-SPAN Washington Journal: 202-624-1111; 202-624-1115; 202-737-6734
  • Lush Limbaugh: 1-800-282-2882
  • Any radio talk show, no matter what political persuasion. Air America's number is 1-866-303-2270
  • Local print media --- ask them why they aren't running a story on this.

There's something else you can do, too. Print out the following pages:

make lots of copies of each, and spread them far and wide. Fax them to your local media, and to all your "elected" officials. Leave copies at bus stops, coffee shops, bookstores, fast food joints, laundromats, any place where people sit and wait.

Talk about "an extreme form of asymmetrical warfare"!! This is nothing like a fair contest. They have nukes; we have only words. But there are many more of us than there are of them, and we have the future of all humanity on our side.

You know what they say: Better safe than sorry.

And sometimes they say this too: This is a test of the blogosphere.

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