Guests: Author/Activist Jane McAlevey and Journalist Jason Leopold
Guest Hosted by Nicole Sandler
By Nicole Sandler on 12/16/2016, 6:48pm PT  

It was a busy day today on the BradCast. I was happy to return to guest host from my usual perch at where I host my own show with a couple of great guests.

First up was Jane McAlevey, a labor and environmental organizer, post-doctoral fellow in the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School, and the author of No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age, who joined me for a fascinating discussion about organized labor's plight and its outlook during the Trump era.

We also heard from Vice News' Senior Investigative Reporter Jason Leopold, who has been labeled by our government at a "FOIA Terrorist" for his prolific and expert use of the Freedom of Information Act. Jason explains how his expedited FOIA requests dealing with issues related to the election went unanswered. In response, he and Ryan Shapiro filed a lawsuit against the FBI over their failure to comply with those requests, and they've now widened the scope of the documents and records they're asking for. You can read the complete complaint filed in court just three days ago, Dec 13, 2016, here [PDF].

Also today: I share with you my newest creation --- What's News? It's my (almost) daily unique look at the day's news. Today's edition is included inside today's show.

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