By Brad Friedman on 11/4/2008, 10:16am PT  

Please join me, Peter B. Collins, Randi Rhodes and the rest of the NovaM family and loads of folks from across the country --- including OH's Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner near the top of the show! (Unless events on the ground change that.) --- as we offer "Special Election Night Marathon Coverage" tonight on the NovaM Radio Network like you'll find nowhere else.

I'll begin anchoring along with a simulcast of the Peter B. Collins Show from 3p-6p PT (6p-9p ET), followed by the Mike Malloy Show from 6p-9p PT (9p-Midnight ET), and then I'll finish it out, Bradcasting live from Los Angeles for the rest of the night from 9p-Midnight PT (Midnight-3am ET).

In other words, all night long, covering reported results and concerns about election issues around the country. If your local affiliate is not carrying it, listen live online right here. And spread the word now! Thanks!

Feel free to use this item as an open thread [Agent 99 bumped it to top during the live coverage], but check below for updates as warranted throughout the night! And give us a call with your thoughts, concerns and impressions at 800-989-1480.

Please note, the broadcast is open to all networks, stations and websites who would like to carry it, or any part of it throughout the night. Satellite coordinates are here [PDF], the network clock is here [PDF]. Internet sites can pick up the stream via The broadcast will be free for all! Just like America used to be!

As long promised, The BRAD BLOG has covered your electoral system 2008, fiercely and independently, like no other media outlet in the nation. Please support our work with a donation to help us keep going. If you like, we'll send you some great election integrity documentary films in return. Details on that right here...
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