'Extensive Reports' Coming in to Problem Hotline of Machines in Philly 'Simply Not Working'...
By Brad Friedman on 11/4/2008, 10:19am PT  

Minutes ago, on CNN, they reported that "mechanical problems" are their quickest growing category of problems coming in to their hotline. "They hadn't even registered on our ticker previously," said the host. Perhaps because the Obama/DNC campaigns didn't tell them about all of the problems they've been finding?

A press release issued from 866-MYVOTE1 and CNN...at 9:30am PT reports on an alarming number of calls coming from "key states, like Pennsylvania, Virgian and Florida," And yes, as predicted, problems in Philadelphia where "there are extensive reports of machines simply not working." A perfectly predictable issue, that this horrifying chief of Philly elections didn't seem to care about just days ago.

Details from the CNN/VoterAction.org press release follow...

Today, the 1-866-MY-VOTE-1 and CNN hotlines have received a total of more than 16,000 calls; close to 3,000 in the last hour.

Voter Action is concerned about several states, including VA, PA, and FL.

"Ensuring that voters have access to the ballot box in a timely manner, and that their votes are counted is our number one goal today," said John Bonifaz, legal director, Voter Action. "We are really concerned about the number and kinds of calls coming in from key states, like Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida."

Virginia is reporting extensive machine malfunction, specifically with voting machine books, causing long lines of people standing in the rain. The Voter Action legal team has contacted the Governor's office.

Florida is reporting a wider variety of challenges, including registration issues where individuals do not appear to be registered; machines at poll sites appear to not be functioning, or are insufficient; and, optical scanners are breaking down, aggravating the already long lines. The Voter Action legal team was unable to reach local officials by phone, but has faxed alerts to both local and state officials, including the Secretary of State.

Pennsylvania is primarily reporting mechanical problems, especially in Philadelphia where there are extensive reports of machines simply not working. Voter Action is especially concerned about emergency paper ballots being improperly treated as provisional ballots. In light of the recent federal court order, Voter Action is particularly concerned about Philadelphia County officials stating that emergency paper ballots will not be counted until Friday, which does not comply with the Secretary of State directive that these be treated as regular ballots to be counted on Election Day.

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