Weekly Radio Program Starts Tonight Out of WNJC 1360AM, Philadelphia's Renaissance Radio
By John Gideon on 10/18/2006, 8:28am PT  

The Coalition For Voting Integrity (CVI) in Pennsylvania has announced that beginning tonight and weekly they will be doing a one-hour radio program that centers on voting issues and democracy.

The program can be heard locally in the SE Pennsylvania and S New Jersey area via WNJC Radio 1360AM or it can be heard live via the internet by going here. They are encouraging audience participation so if you have questions/comments for tonights guest, Lowell Finley of VoterAction you can call 856 227 1360.

We are happy to see another group sharing their voices with Brad and the others who are on the radio spreading the good, bad and ugly news about our elections. The whole CVI Press Release has upcoming guests and more information....


CVI to Launch Important New Weekly Radio Program About Voting and Democracy on Wednesday, 10/18 at 8:00PM

Voice of the Voters:
The Power and Responsibility of Democracy

Will Be Aired on WNJC 1360AM, Philadelphia's Renaissance Radio Station

Lowell Finley, noted election law attorney, to be first guest.

Contact information:

Mary Ann Gould

Coalition for Voting Integrity


Doylestown - The Coalition for Voting Integrity is proud to announce the premier of a weekly radio show devoted to voting rights, election reform and voter-verified paper ballots. The show, to be hosted by Mary Ann Gould, co-founder of CVI, will be called Voice of the Voters, the Power and Responsibility of Democracy.
Although the show is planned to be based on an interview format with time for listener call-ins, it will not stop there. "This hour every week will let people hear from experts in the field of voting reform but it will also provide some entertainment built around voting issues that affect Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the country," said Ms. Gould. "We want people to be engaged in the struggle to make voter-verified paper ballots the nationwide standard and we want them to have some fun while doing it."

The Voice of the Voters' first three weeks are already booked with a series of experts in the field of voting reform:

10/18 - Lowell Finley (www.voteraction.org ) of Berkeley, California. Mr. Finley has practiced election law for over 20 years and is one of the few attorneys in the nation with experience litigating electronic voting issues. Mr. Finley has won the most voting cases in US and is often interviewed by major networks, cable TV and major print outlets. Mr. Finley led New Mexico's legal action which resulted in the discarding of Danaher voting machines, which were replaced with voter-verified optical scan machines. Danaher machines are used now in Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Berks and two other PA counties. Mr. Finley also won an important voting rights case in Colorado. Access this site for more information on the lawsuits.

10/25 - Dr. Dan Lopresti from Lehigh University. Dr. Lopresti led the recent Lehigh poll of PA voters' opinions about the need for voter-verified elections. He is a well-known and widely respected computer science professor. Dr. Lopresti helped found the Matsushita Information Technology Laboratory, and later also served on the research staff at Bell Labs. In 2003, Dr. Lopresti joined the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh where he is working to build a research group examining fundamental algorithmic and systems-related questions in pattern recognition, bioinformatics, and security. Dr. Lopresti is co-director of the Lehigh Pattern Recognition Research (PatRec) Lab. He has become very interested in the investigation of electronic voting security and has spoken at several conferences on this important subject.

11/1 - Dr. Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins. Dr. Rubin is one of the top voting security experts and leading critic of electronic voting security in the country. He is the author of Brave New Ballot, which tells the story of his role as a whistle-blower (including the toll it took on his career and family) and recounts his observations as an election judge in Baltimore County, which gave him a full picture of electronic voting in action. In the book he shows how easy it is to rig an election and describes the vulnerability of computerized systems to tampering, not only by insiders like poll workers but also by outsiders able to breach the system without detection.

In order to reach listeners concerned about electronic voting all over the state and country, The Voice of the Voters will be easily available to listeners over the Internet. You can access the show live directly at: http://www.wnjc1360.com/...etcast/live_netcast.html All callers can use 856 227 1360 to ask the guests or the host a question. Shows will also be archived at CVI's website.

WHAT: The 10/18 launch of CVI's weekly, one-hour radio show, The Voice of the Voters: the Power and Responsibility of Democracy with special guest Lowell Finley.

WHEN: Wednesday, 10/18, 8:00PM

WHERE: WNJC, 1360AM, Philadelphia's Renaissance Radio Station and everywhere on the Internet

Coalition for Voting Integrity
Coalition for Voting Integrity
email: bucks.voter.verified.paper.ballots@gmail.com
web: http://coalitionforvotingintegrity.org

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