Whistleblower-Turned-Congressional Candidate's Story Told as Part of Film on Citizen Patriots Fighting to Save Democracy
'Crazy' Smear by Curtis' Opponent, Feeney --- the Man He Says Asked Him to Create Election Flipping Code in Florida --- Continues to Shame Corrupt Congressman...
By Brad Friedman on 10/17/2006, 6:47pm PT  
"I grew up thinking you're supposed to do the right thing. And that's what I do. I'll do it until someone makes it so that I can't."

-- Clint Curtis, software programmer, vote-rigging whistleblower turned Congressional Candidate (FL-24), in the new e-voting documentary Eternal Vigilance: The Fight to Save Our Election System.

An enormous number of superb documentary films that cover the topic of our American electoral meltdown are being released. Last week, I quickly ran a preview item on HBO's Hacking Democracy --- premiering Nov. 2nd on HBO --- which gives a first-hand account of the detective story as it has unravelled over the last three years concerning the many lies of the Diebold corporation. I've now seen the final cut and will have more details on that extraordinary film soon.

In the meantime, I was thrilled recently to get a look at David Earnhardt's breathtaking Eternal Vigilance: The Fight to Save Our Election System documentary, which tells the story of America's crumbling democracy and a few of the citizen patriots across the country who are attempting to save it.

Along with a focus on some of those folks, the film's emphasis is on the impossibilities which seem to have occurred in the tainted 2004 Presidential Election and the likes of which we may look forward to in the weeks and years ahead.

Earnhardt's film draws a great deal from a series of speeches and interviews filmed in April of 2005 during a National Election Reform Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

I participated as a speaker at several events during that conference, as did computer programmer, whistleblower, and former lifelong Republican Clint Curtis who had, at the time, yet to even dream of running against a very close friend of the Bush clan, the corrupt U.S. House Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Abramoff) --- the very man Curtis has alleged asked him to create a vote-rigging software prototype when they both worked for the same Oviedo, Florida, software firm in 2000.

Curtis left the Republican party after being soured on them vis-a-vis his direct experiences with Feeney.

Earnhardt was kind enough to share with The BRAD BLOG the section of the film which introduces the basics of Curtis' vote-rigging claims about Feeney. It's a beautifully done segment --- and not just because it includes interviews with me as well, but it doesn't hurt! --- which should go a long way towards allowing folks to decide whether Curtis is "crazy" as Feeney's reprehensible smear campaign and website against him is hoping to trick voters into believing now that they've become Congressional opponents.

Here's the clip (about 8 mins) from Earnhardt's film which I found to be finally as uplifting and hopeful as it was maddening and heartbreaking. The entire film can be purchased on DVD at the website www.EternalVigilance.us where additional clips from the film are also available.

NOTE: There is yet another documentary, still in the works, wholly devoted to the Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney/Yang Enterprises, Inc., vote-rigging scandal and The BRAD BLOG's so-far two-year long investigation and reporting of it. That films goes into considerably more detail on the entire breadth of the allegations (including the Chinese spying, the mysterious death of the Florida Inspector General who was investigating Curtis' claims, etc.). We hope to have details and, perhaps a short preview from that film soon as well.

Please pass the permalink to this article far and wide to help counter the hundreds of thousands of corporate PAC and RNC dollars that Feeney is using in his shameless attempt to discredit Curtis.

While you're at it, if you'd like to help unseat Feeney, one of the most corrupt members of Congress, please donate to Curtis' citizen-funded campaign. We've spoken to him recently, and he continues to be upbeat about his chances, but while the national Dems have still failed to help his campaign (as with so many others across the country), it's up to the people to help someone who will fight for electoral integrity get into the U.S. Congress!

(Hat-tip Hotpotatomash for help with the video!)

For more info on The BRAD BLOG's continuing investigative series on
The Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney/Yang Enterprises Vote-Rigging Scandal series, please see:
- A Quick Summary of the story so far.
- An Index of all the Key Articles & Evidence in the series so far.
- Curtis is now running for U.S. Congress against Feeney.
To support or for more info, see: www.ClintCurtis.com

The publicity email sent to us this morning from filmmaker David Earnhardt follows in full...

The Fight to Save Our Election System

A new documentary by David Earnhardt

Brad Friedman, BradBlog.com
"A vital and important work... Uplifting, encouraging, optimistic.... The ending made me want to stand and cheer."

Bob Fitrakis, freepress.org
"By far, your film is the best I've seen about the 2004 election. You've captured the essence of the new voting rights movement in America."

Bob Koehler, Tribune Media Services
"Very powerful. Clear and succinct."

Harvey Wasserman, author & journalist
"...a beautiful movie..."

Jonathan Simon, Election Defense Alliance

To order and view clips, go to: www.EternalVigilance.us

Eternal Vigilance tells the startling story of Americans being robbed of their basic and constitutional right to vote. It also shows democracy in its purest form by chronicling the struggle of a courageous few who seek nothing more - or less - than their birthright to honest, open, and accountable elections.

Because of the impending elections next month, we have decided to release a special PREVIEW pre-election edition of ETERNAL VIGILANCE on DVD, which you can order for your personal viewing. Or, if you are with a voting rights or election reform group - or simply a group of concerned friends, family and associates - you can hold a screening of ETERNAL VIGILANCE prior to Election Day. We hope the film can serve as a rallying call that we, as American citizens, can be vigilant about holding our public officials accountable for conducting fair and honest elections.

To order your DVD and to view clips of ETERNAL VIGILANCE, go to our website at: www.EternalVigilance.us.

Please pass along this email to your email lists or anybody else you believe would have an interest in our film.

Here is a partial list of those who appear in the preview version of our documentary: Bev Harris, Dr. Mary Frances Berry, Brad Friedman, Bob Fitrakis, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Lowell Finley, Victoria Lovegren, Harvey Wasserman, Jonathan Simon, Andy Stephenson (deceased), Bernie Ellis, Bob Koehler, Clint Curtis, Cliff Arnebeck, Michael Grant, Rep. Jim Cooper, The Athan Gibbs Family, Bruce O'Dell, Teresa Hommel, David Cobb, Sonnye Dixon, Charles Kimbrough, Rep. Bob Clement, Larry English, Marybeth Kuznik, Kathy Dopp, Leatrice Tolls

David Earnhardt
Producer, director & writer, ETERNAL VIGILANCE

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