A Call to Action for the BRAD BLOG '6 or 7'!
By Brad Friedman on 5/27/2005, 2:43pm PT  

John Conyers has just posted a request for 100,000 signatures by citizens on the same letter that he and 88 other Congressmen sent to George W. Bush concerning the Downing Street Memo/Minutes. The same letter from Congress that Bush has arrogantly seen fit to ignore completely for more than three weeks!

He has been there for us, it's our turn to be there for him!

If Conyers is able to collect 100,000 signatures, he has promised to hand deliver them to the White House. Let's ensure that he gets that many and more!

Please sign Conyers' letter here, asap! (and be sure to answer the "Validation Email" that will come to you afterward!)

And, as well, if you haven't already, be sure to sign the petion to Congress for a "Resolution of Inquiry" into the matter created by the citizens coalition as discussed yesterday. That petition can be found here.

Yes, these signatures matter. Please sign them both and spread the word! While we are privileged to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend BBQ'ing and frolicking in rememberance of those who gave their lives for this country, the least we can do is a click a couple of links and fill out a petition or two! Please do so now! And that means all "6 or 7" of you and your friends and family!

(Feel free to use the "Email it to someone" link at the bottom of this item to make it easier!)