Guest host Angie Coiro with guest Peter Montgomery of Right Wing Watch...
By Angie Coiro on 2/23/2017, 7:58pm PT  

On today's BradCast, guest hosted by moi, Angie Coiro, we dive down the rabbit hole into the alternate reality that is CPAC.

My guest is Peter Montgomery, Senior Fellow at Right Wing Watch. Going beyond the highlights, he checks out some of the lower-profile breakout sessions. And he proves he's got the "FAKE NEWS!" shout down hard.

A review of the news includes the bizarre taped exchange between a terrorism expert and a guy in White House obsessed with Twitter - no, not him. Another one.

The Anne Frank Center has pretty much had it with Trump and his surrogates giving lip service to uprooting antisemitism - and their executive director isn't hiding it.

Finally, how today's activists hitting the streets can learn from the pros: veterans of MLK marches and voter suppression court battles share their street-tested wisdom.

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