('Bout time!)
By Brad Friedman on 12/28/2004, 6:35pm PT  

Good news to those of you who have been asking us about this, we've finally added an RSS Feed for The BRAD BLOG.

It can be added to your RSS reader at this address: https://BradBlog.com/BradBlog.rdf

For those unfamiliar with RSS, it's ostensibly a syndication feed that allows folks who use RSS-capable readers to "subscribe to our feed" (it's free, of course) to receive automatic notification when new items are added to The BRAD BLOG. Here an article with more info on RSS at Wikipedia.

During our testing and set up, we have been using the RSS reader called PLUCK, a free application that works with Internet Explorer and can be downloaded for free here. There are many such RSS readers out there, however, and most are free. Here's a listing of many downloadable RSS Readers for many different operating systems.

And MyYahoo users can now add our syndicated feed to their customized MyYahoo pages! Just click the "Add to MY YAHOO" graphic now in the right navigation sidebar and you're done!

As we've just unleashed RSS here, and are just learning about RSS ourselves, please feel free to let us know via comments or email if there are any adjustments we may still need to make to ensure that the feed is working properly and is as convenient as possible for RSS users.

Thanks to all that have waited so patiently for us to find the time to get it added, and to our great friend Ronny Brodin for handling the bulk of the tedious technical details!

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