MD's Chief Election Official, Linda Lamone Rips off Mic During Pointed Queries About Her State's Failed Touch-Screen Voting System
2006 Broadcast News Interview Never Aired, Never Seen Until Now...
By Brad Friedman on 11/11/2008, 2:18pm PT  

"Source code is almost irrelevant to us," says MD's State Election Director Linda Lamone a few minutes before she removes her mic and walks off the interview. "That's not what we use to run this voting system. It's the executable code."

Lamone, responsible for bringing Diebold's 100% unverifiable voting machines to the entire state of MD in 2002, is wrong and/or lies about so much in the course of this interview --- taped by a major broadcast news network, but never aired, in 2006 --- that we don't even have time to dissect it all. So, for the moment, I'll leave it to all of the good denizens of The BRAD BLOG who are now very well-versed in just how full of it Lamone is during the entirety of this interview.

"I think you're in Fantasy Land, so I'm gonna end this," Lamone says, ironically enough from the bowels of her own Fantasy Land, in support of her 100% faith-based voting system, before she rips off her mic, walks off camera, and ends the interview. We guess she's not used to being interviewed by a reporter who knows what she's talking about.

The remarkable, never-before-seen video follows (appx 6:45 mins)...

Along with their first-time posting of this interview, notes the "interesting postscript to this interview," which includes a bit of good news, at least.

Despite the Lamone's "rabid opposition," last year the state of Maryland passed new legislation that will do away with their touch-screen systems, and require paper ballots for all voters beginning in 2010. Supporters of the new legislation, including both Democrats and Republicans in the state house and MD's former Republican Governor, Robert Ehrlich --- who had himself called for paper ballots during his re-election attempt in 2006 after a particularly ugly machine meltdown during the primaries --- came out in opposition to Lamone, a Democrat.

Her credibility was largely shot, by the time the legistlation came up, for a number of reasons, including her cover-up of a stunning analysis made of her machines in 2003 by SAIC [Science Applications International Corporation] which was never released in full, in its unredacted form, until The BRAD BLOG acquired and released it the day before the 2006 election.

The unredacted SAIC report revealed myriad security flaws in Lamone's Diebold system which could have been exploited to compromise an election with little chance of detection. The redacted version was greatly re-written, and reduced by hundreds of pages before being given to legislators. The original report was 200 pages, while the version given to some legislators and Board of Election members was just 38 pages.

The bulk of the flaws in the Diebold system, as discovered by SAIC, were never corrected, despite Lamone's suggestion to the contrary in the above interview.

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