By Brad Friedman on 2/17/2008, 4:41pm PT  

UPDATE: We desperately need your support. So we're cutting prices in half on our monthly sustainer Premium Offers! -BF

We hate to ask, but we must. We've promised to continue our fight for American democracy in 2008, and against the continuing failures of the mainstream corporate media (and even against the failures of the supposedly-Progressive blogosphere and any other organizations who are failing their promise.) We believe we're keeping our promise, but we continue to need your help.

Please consider a sustaining monthly contribution to The BRAD BLOG. Sooner, rather than later, if possible.

Please see the blue form on the right side of this, and every, page to quickly sign up for a monthly sustaining subscription for any amount you like. We're also happy for a one-time contribution as well, of course, but sustaining our work on a regular basis is very much needed right now!

Remember, your crappy cable subscription likely costs you upwards of $50 or more per month already. Isn't what we're doing here at The BRAD BLOG worth at least a fraction of that? We wake up every day hoping so.

We receive no corporate or foundational support for our work, so it's all up to you! Hopefully, what we do is already well worth your support, but we're happy to up the ante with a few new collector's edition premium offers courtesy of several generous folks. See below to take your pick of one or more of 'em!...


  • $10 $5 or more, receive your choice of any 1 of the following.
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  • $30 $20 or more, receive all 3 of the following!
  • $40 $30 or more, receive all 3 of the following PLUS a signed DVD of UNCOUNTED!!!

CD of the brilliant & hilarious Duhmocracy by Victrola and the Duhst Bunnies, hand-signed by singer/songwriter, Victoria Parks.

Copy of new political 'toon collection, TROUBLE TOWN TOLD YOU SO, hand-signed by cartoonist/author, Lloyd Dangle

Copy of the card game "Politics as Usual" by OSS Games


  • Receive a hand-signed copy of UNCOUNTED!

DVD of the hit documentary
UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections,
hand-signed by filmmaker, David Earnhardt


  • All premiums are limited in supply, so we'll update this item as we run out of stuff!
  • When you sign up, be sure to let us know which items you want and where we should send 'em.
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