Including the Colorado SoS' Diebold/Premier Conflict of Interest!
By John Gideon on 12/20/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Did you wonder how Diebold/Premier escaped the axe in Colorado? While all of the other vendors had their machines decertified or had strict conditions set on them Diebold/Premier came away fairly clean. It seems that Secretary of State Coffman is running for Congress next year. The consultants for his campaign also seem to be the consultants for Diebold/Premier. Coffman went a long way to keep Diebold/Premier from being decertified because his testing board recommended that all electronic voting systems used in the state be decertified. Coffman reportedly used his discretion to decide which systems were “substantially compliant”. Diebold/Premier which has gotten consistently negative reports from across the nation got the head-nod and wink from Coffman.

A decision was made in the DoJ complaint against the state of New York. Details are still sketchy but it looks like the state needs to have a plan by Jan. 4.

174 ePROM chips for San Diego Co.’s optical-scan machines were lost somewhere between the California Secretary of State’s office and the county. The chips were packaged in two tubes by Diebold/Premier employees under witness by SoS employees. They were shipped by Diebold/Premier’s normal shipper, FedEx. San Diego Co.’s Registrar, on a witch hunt, is blaming SOS Bowen for the problems.

Cuyahoga Co.’s Board of Elections voted 2-2 on whether to accept SOS Brunner’s plan to change voting systems before the state primary election. The decision is now hers.

Details on all of those stories, and many more today, all linked below...

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