In Case You Missed 'Em... Our Most Important Stories from the Last Week
By Desi Doyen on 6/30/2007, 10:55pm PT  

Guest blogged by DES

No time for detail today due to travel, but be sure to review the highlights of stories from the last week that you won't see anywhere else, including the stellar contributions of our most excellent guest bloggers, who are holding down the fort while Brad is on the road...

SUNDAY, JUNE 24th...

You Don't Know Dick
The Post has a must-read series on the Veep Who Would Be King
Guest blogged by Joseph Cannon

VIDEO: Romney Flip Flops On Pardons
And A Video Flashback To Bush Stating That Scooter Libby's Conviction Must Be Respected
Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

MONDAY, JUNE 25th...

Bush Administration Plants More Items at the Washington Post
Who Picked the DOJ Targets This Time? WashPost Does Not Tell the Public.
Internal Infighting Carried On Via Willing Newspaper (When will they run this headline?)
Guest blogged from D.C. by Margie Burns

Military Abruptly Retreats From Iraq Surge's Original Goal
"It's not about levels of violence" top General now claims
Guest blogged by Arlen Parsa of The Daily Background

McClatchy: DoJ 'Civil Rights' Chief Supported GOP 'Vote Caging' Scheme in Ohio in 2004
Asst. Attorney General Alex Acosta Sent Letter to Federal Judge Backing Republican Effort to Challenge Democratic, Minority Voters Just Prior to Presidential Election
Investigation into Illegal RNC Effort Spreads from Florida to the Buckeye State...
Blogged quickly by Brad Friedman from Alabama (with a laptop on my knee)...

VIDEO: Thursday Conyers / McNulty Vote Caging Exchange
Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer


Michelle Malkin tries to foment war with Iran, Gets the Story Wrong Again
Right-wing propagandist misrepresents photographs of police violence
Guest Blogged by Joseph Cannon

Impeach Cheney
Even the Republicans are sick of this guy
Guest Blogged by Joseph Cannon

VIDEO: Infamous Tim Griffin Vote Caging/Crying Speech
TPM Muckraker Confirms Analysis of RNC 'Caging Lists' as Illegally Targetting Minory Voters...
Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

Maryland Election Director Endorses Diebold, Appears on Their Brochure Testifying for Failed E-Voting Poll Books
Linda Lamone Allows Her Picture To Be Used In Diebold Sales Literature
Testifies Favorably for Equipment That Failed Spectacularly In Maryland Last September...

ES&S Relents In California, Finally Submits Voting System Source Code to SoS
Last Vendor to Hold Out from State's 'Top to Bottom Review' of Voting Equipment Coughs Up Source Code After SoS Bowen Demands Source Code Be Taken Out of Escrow...
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of VotersUnite.Org


Fight Over Access to Docs Could Lead to Constitutional Confrontation (and Impeachment?)...
UPDATE: Feingold Issues Statement, Says Subpeonas Have Bipartisan Support in Senate to Help End Stonewalling by White House Concerning 'Illegal Spying Program'...

RNC, Tim Griffin 'Vote Caging' Efforts Confirmed by Two Three Independent Reports
Blogosphere Finally Beginning to Get It --- as Even Greg Palast Critic Shores up Palast's Reporting --- While MSM Remain Mostly Silent...

Congressmen Describe Cheney Explanation for Failing to Comply With Exec Order on Classified Docs as 'Absurd,' 'Highly Dubious,' 'Mockery of Law'
Waxman, Conyers, and Clay Issue Statement Calling on Response, Action from DoJ, Gonzales...


EXCLUSIVE: ES&S Letter Agreeing to Send Voting System Source Code to CA SoS Begs More Questions Than it Answers
Arrogant Letter Agrees to Comply With Law by Submitting Source Code for Review, But Mysteriously Insists That SoS Bowen Revoke Demand to Release Version of Source Code Held by Escrow Firm...
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of VotersUnite.Org

White House Snubs Congressional Subpoenas in Attorney Purge Matter, Claims Executive Privilege
What happens next?
Will a U.S. Attorney close to Gonzales convene a grand jury?
Guest Blogged by Joseph Cannon

FRIDAY, JUNE 29th...

Rightwing Extremist, Nutcase John Gibson of Fox 'News,' Slams 'Leftist Blog' RAW STORY
News Site 'Traffics in Hating both Bush and Cheney,' Read by 'Not All That Many People,' According to Imaginary News Man...
Leftist blog on the Internet that traffics in hating both Bush and Cheney


If It's Friday, It Must Be Time to Resign
Another 'Loyal Bushie' Announces Departure From Bush's Justice Department
Guest blogged by DES