But in the meantime, we have a transcript of Friday's oral arguments --- just for you!
By Winter Patriot on 8/29/2006, 11:05am PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

Judge Yuri Hofmann of the California Superior Court is expected to rule this afternoon on the arguments presented Friday.

The plaintiffs in the CA50 Election Contest are asking for a manual count of ballots from the June 6th House special election, which was held to replace former Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, who resigned after being unable to contain the fallout from a major bribery scandal.

The defendants are arguing that California no longer has any jurisdiction over the election since the Republican U.S. House went ahead and swore in Brian Bilbray just 7 days after the election, with thousands of votes still uncounted, and certification still several weeks away...

As regular readers of these pages already know, the voting machines used in this special election were sent home with poll workers, days --- and in some cases weeks --- ahead of the special election.

Since these Diebold machines are especially vulnerable to tampering, federal and state regulations require that, once they are programed for an election, they must be stored securely at all times.

The plaintiffs in this case argue that the regulations were admittedly ignored, therefore the machines were effectively de-certified before the election, and the totals generated by these machines are in no way reliable.

As a first line of defense, the defendants have been arguing that only the House of Representatives has the authority to determine who its members shall be, and that the state in which the purported member was "elected" has no jurisdiction in this matter.

Judge Hofmann is expected to rule on this question at approximately 1:30pm (Pacific time) today. If he decides that the California Superior Court does indeed have the authority to hear this case, the process will continue; otherwise not. The stakes are considerable and the tension must be very high indeed.

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So much for the background: now for some news:

As of this morning, The BRAD BLOG has a transcript of the oral arguments presented in Judge Hofmann's courtroom on Friday. It's a PDF file and you can simply click here to download it.

We post this transcript in the hope that reporters will be able to get their stories straight, and also in the hope that other readers will use it to evaluate the quality of media coverage they have been getting on this matter.

More details are expected soon, and we'll do our best to keep you posted.

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