Unprecedented Outting of CIA Operative by White House no 'Real Problem' According to GOP Pundit/Apologist
CNN/USA TODAY POLL: 49% Say Rove Should Resign
By Brad Friedman on 7/26/2005, 4:25pm PT  

Bay Buchanan gets busy. Today she was helping the White House and the Republican Party minimize the implications of the National Security breach committed by the unprecendented White House outting of a covert CIA asset. One who had been working with the agency on WMD, we might add.

She blamed the media, of course, for "turn[ing] this into some kind of a scandal."

From Buchanan's appearance earlier today on CNN's Inside Politics (Windows Media Player video here NOTE - Link now corrected!):

The media is in this full scale campaign to turn this into some kind of a scandal. To really make it look as if he's in the middle and the President's right there behind him in a real problem...

There is no there there...and the White House is doing exactly the right thing by saying nothing.

Also, since we'd hate to shatter "her" world, please be sure not to let resident BRAD BLOG commenter/troll, Karla see this poll:

And in other news from the same poll, more bad news for Bush:

Did Bush Deliberately mislead country on Iraqi WMD?

Yes 51%
No 47%

For the first time, a majority of Americans, 51%, say the Bush administration deliberately misled the public about whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction Ś the central justification given for invading. The administration's credibility on the issue has been steadily eroding since 2003 after stores of the weapons weren't found.

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