(Downloadable Archives Now Available Here)
By Brad Friedman on 4/17/2005, 1:15am PT  

Thank you. Thank you. And thank you.

The network said we blew away (numbers wise) all of their current weekend shows! And it kept building throughout the 4 hours. So thank you for helping to spread the word!

Please feel free to thank the satellite network with a quick email for giving us the opportunity!

Resting now. (And be sure to catch the repeat of tonight's show at 12noon - 4pm ET on Sunday, which is 9a - 1p PT for the mathematically impaired! Catch it online via RAW STORY's Easy Links or IBCRadio.com or IBCRN.com.)

Oh...one more thanks (at least!) to Winter Patriot for keeping the Open Show Threads here up and running all night! I had no net access from the studio, so was flying blind! Hope to fix that by next week...So thanks WP for keeping the place in great shape while I was "gone"! More to come...After some rest...and a few more radio appearances tomorrow!

UPDATE: Last night's show can now be downloaded for you podcasting pleasure...All files here MP3, we'll try to get alternate formats in the future when we catch up with things. And, sadly, the swell bumper music at the top of each hour (the rock n' roll, I mean, not that jazz crap) has been cut out of these versions as well. We'll try to correct that later as well. Download away!...

  • HOUR 1 (Guest: Clint Curtis)
  • HOUR 2 (Guest: Andy Stephenson)
  • HOUR 3 (Guest: Larisa Alexandrovna)
  • HOUR 4 (Guest: Robert Koehler)
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