By Brad Friedman on 10/17/2014, 1:50pm PT  

We really should have taken some time off this past summer, cause it looks like we may not get a good break anytime soon. It may be a much busier November, December and even January than we'd like.

Rachel Maddow highlights what we regard as our personal nightmare scenario: "Almost every legitimately contested, legitimately interesting race in the country --- is tied, right now, with less than three weeks to go"...


"With this many top of the ticket races tied, turnout will be everything," Maddow explains. "So now's the part where we watch for the ways that people will try to stop voters from turning out or from having their votes counted, by hook or by crook. ... Right now, big picture, three weeks out: this is a tie game. Close enough to be fascinating, but also close enough to be stolen"...

Of course, with all due respect to Maddow, while "now" is certainly important, it is not the only time where we ought to "watch for the ways that people will try to stop voters from turning out or from having their votes counted." We ought to be doing that in the rest of the year and the year prior --- outside of the dead heat of the election moment --- when it's a lot easier to do something about those who work to stop voters from turning out and to have votes counted (in a way that all voters can know they've been counted accurately). That, as you good readers know, is what we do, or at least try to, all year around, here at The BRAD BLOG.

Either way, it should also be noted that, in the video segment above, Maddow is only looking at the "dead heats" in the U.S. Senate and Governors races. There also about a gazillion other elections --- U.S. House, state and local --- all happening this year as well, and all of which matter as well. Not to mention the fact that voting rights for every single voter --- whether or not any particular race is a dead heat or not --- matters very much as well.

In any event, once again...ugh.

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