Wingnut superstar's recent column 'edits truth to meet agenda'...
By Brad Friedman on 3/7/2010, 5:03pm PT  

Given her own history of documented voter fraud felonies, you'd think Ann Coulter would want to stay away from the whole ACORN issue (particularly since there is no evidence that, unlike her, they've ever committed any).

But Coulter just can't help herself, I guess, as evidenced by her column last week, dutifully reprinted by "Andrew Breitbart Presents...Big Journalism" in the wake of the Brooklyn D.A.'s finding of "no criminality" seen in the Brooklyn ACORN "pimp" hoax videos, and even Rupert Murdoch's own New York Post reporting the videos as a "'heavily edited' splice job" with "seemingly crime-encouraging answers...taken out of context so as to appear more sinister."

So what did Coulter do to shore up the wingnut hoax that is falling apart faster than Andrew Breitbart himself? She quoted some "seemingly crime-encouraging answers" from the video, "out of context so as to appear more sinister," naturally. And, even more naturally, those folks who have been played and conned by "Andrew Breitbart Presents...Big Journalism" and "Andrew Breitbart Presents...Big Government," etc., ate it all up...

Voter fraud felony queen Ann Coulter, who committed voter fraud and voter registration fraud in Florida in 2006 (as The BRAD BLOG has detailed and painstakingly documented in no uncertain terms) and perhaps a number of times in Connecticut as well, shared her expertise in the Rule of Law over Kings County, NY, District Attorney Charles Hynes this way:

I’m not a lawyer — oh, wait, yes, I am — but I count approximately a half-dozen state law crimes being discussed on those tapes, from money laundering to advancing prostitution.

Her evidence for those "state law crimes" which Hynes does not see, apparently, is taken from the highly-doctored, heavily-overdubbed videos tapes that James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles and Breitbart produced and published on Breitbart's "Andrew Breitbart Presents...Big Government" site, alleging to show criminality by ACORN itself. That, even though a full six months after publishing the doctored versions, they still flatly refuse to release the unedited videos which, they argue, show the "criminality."

Why would they want to withhold evidence showing criminality by ACORN? Particularly as they like to claim that it contains evidence that ACORN is involved in aiding and abetting some sort of child prostitution and/or sex slavery? Do O'Keefe, Giles, and Breitbart now support child prostitution and sex slavery or something? I shouldn't think so, but then why would they release the tapes purporting to show it? But I digress...

Coulter joined the O'Keefe/Giles/Breitbart Lying Game in her column last week by quoting various, out of context comments from the doctored tapes, and representing them as something other than what they actually are, at least if we are to trust the unauthenticated text transcripts released by O'Keefe and Breitbart themselves.

Coulter describes the "most inspired idea" seen on the Brooklyn video from ACORN tax counselor Volda Albert this way (Albert actually worked for ACORN Housing, an entirely separate organization over which ACORN has no control, but let's not let facts get in Coulter's or O'Keefe's or Breitbart's' way here):

Albert’s most inspired idea was that Giles get a “house with a backyard. You get a tin can … and bury (your money) down in there, and you put the money right in, and you put grass over it, and you don’t tell a single soul but yourself where it is.”

Back when I was in Louisiana, we advised people to put their illegal money in the freezer, but that didn’t work out so well. And I guess putting your money in a mattress isn’t advisable if you live in a whorehouse.

Anyway, Albert was particularly detailed on the tin-can-in-the-backyard investment plan: “Keep thinking: ‘I have a yard. I have a house.’ You gotta start coming out with, like, plants and you start doing — so it won’t be suspicious. You start buying plants for the backyard in pots and what have you, and you mark a spot.”
If only shady lawyers advised clients to bury money in cans in their backyards, instead of putting it in tax shelters, we wouldn’t have all those attorneys clogging up prison cells!

What Coulter didn't bother to explain to the chumps and gullibles who read her column and believe it represents something like the truth, is exactly what we detailed in a post here just a few days ago: Albert was advising Giles, who was playing the part of a "prostitute," how to hide her money from the abusive pimp that she was trying to escape from, with the help of O'Keefe, who was playing the role of her law school boyfriend, not her pimp!

The unauthenticated O'Keefe/Breitbart text transcript [PDF] spells that out rather clearly, if one bothers to read it, as we demonstrated last week. Here's the discussion, once again, directly from the transcripts, about burying money in a tin can to keep it away from the abusive pimp who had supposedly tried to kill Giles:

Volda (loan counselor): Not only that but if you gonna do that type of work you got to start thinking quickly or else you are going to be abused

Hannah (Eden): which I have been

Volda (loan counselor): you have to start thinking faster than even the person who put you over there. Quick, quick, quick, you know that

Hannah (Eden): I mean I do think fast but this whole thing

Volda (loan counselor): when you buy, let me tell you something when you buy the house with a back yard. You get a tin if Jo [* see ed note below -BF] is going to come beat you and want money you get a tin and bury it down in there and you put the money right in and you put grass over it and you don't tell a single soul but yourself where it is

Hannah (Eden): so a tin I put the money in a tin

Volda (loan counselor): in a tin and put it in there

Milagros (counselor) and put the grass

Volda (loan counselor): and put the grass over it

Hannah (Eden): I saw a movie one time where he put all the money underneath the dog house

Volda (loan counselor): you don't put it under no dog house

Hannah (Eden): but I don't have a dog

Volda (loan counselor): good so you put it where you can get it and he cant get it from you if he wants to come and rip up the place and all the like

Hannah (Eden): okay

* Volda Albert's reference to "Jo" in the text transcript section above is actually heard as "Tom Jones" in the edited video, not "Jo." According to the Urban Dictionary, "Tom Jones" is defined as the "First man to bring prostitution to the US." Elsewhere in the transcripts, Hannah (Eden)'s abusive pimp is referred to as "Sonny."

The moment seen in the transcript above is the same moment that Giles herself lied about when she told Sean Hannity on Fox "News" on September 14th last year, the same day the tape was released, that "they're telling me to bury funds in the back yard so that the government or my pimp can't come steal the money."

As we showed last week, there was no discussion about burying the money "so that the government" couldn't "come steal the money." That was a complete and bald-faced lie by Giles to Hannity on the same day that O'Keefe was busy misrepresenting himself as having appeared as his infamous 70's-era "pimp" character on another Fox "News" show (see that video here).

The only discussion of a "pimp" in the Brooklyn transcript, was of Giles' supposedly abusive pimp "Sonny" who she was trying to escape from with O'Keefe's help. As O'Keefe describes in the unauthenticated text transcripts, Sonny "was very abusive" towards her and was the reason they "were in a rush" to get her away from him.

ACORN has been targeted, for years, by the GOP's phony "voter fraud" smear campaign simply because the community organization had the temerity to help legally register millions of legal low- and middle-income voters who tend to lean Democratic as they legally exercise their right to vote. The Republicans have lied about the group having committed voter fraud over and over again. But the group hasn't done so --- ever. At least there is not one known shred of evidence to suggest as much.

Wish we could say the same for Coulter, who not only knowingly committed voter fraud, but then lied about it, repeatedly, to Florida authorities.

You'll note Coulter mentions nothing about ACORN having committed any kind of "voter fraud" in her column, as most of the wingnuts do when discussing the group.

When Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes announced the end of his five-month probe into the tapes last week finding "no criminality," a law enforcement source told the New York Daily News "they edited the tape to meet their agenda."

Apparently, Coulter --- like Giles and O'Keefe and Breitbart before her --- has done the same. Though perhaps it's more accurate to say that Coulter "edited the truth to meet her agenda."

Sadly, the wingnut poodles are still uncritically lapping it up, and --- most disturbingly of all --- the New York Times is still doing so as well.

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