Though I realize that's not a news flash...
...and it's not really fair to scum.
By Brad Friedman on 9/22/2004, 10:52pm PT  

From Media Matters:

Radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed that "half of the [Kerry political] base hates the military, hates America." Then, in discussing a new advertisement by MoveOn PAC that depicts an American soldier caught in the "quagmire" of Iraq, Limbaugh declared that the ad was a "classic illustration" of the fact that "extreme liberals ... love it when the military loses."

The full clips are even worse. The whole story --- with actual sourcing, audio, explanations and substantive and verifiable background links, instead of tweaked, out-of-context, misleading, lying bullshit --- right here.

Reason #864 to vote against Bush: Demonstrate to that sick, America-hating fuck, Rush Limbaugh what real patriots think of him and his sick, twisted, demented ilk.