And a Special Thanks or Two...
By Brad Friedman on 9/12/2007, 11:37pm PT  

Blogged by Brad from...LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA!

Home again. Finally. After three months on the road, I wish I could say it's good to be back. But for the moment, I'll remember how incredibly difficult it's been to keep up with everything while on the constant move for so long, and will just be glad that I'm back in one place. For at least a few weeks.

Though the gods seem to laugh and the news seems to conspire to keep me blogging even more frequently from the road at times than when I'm at home...Nonetheless, for those long hours when I was barreling down the highway from coast-to-coast over the past months, guest-hosting radio shows, engaged in some super-secret mission or another, or otherwise sneaking in a few hours off the grid, on a mountain, or both, there are a bunch of folks who are owed much thanks.

To all of the tremendous BRAD BLOG guest contributors who kept the joint lively and up-to-date with important news and commentary while I was otherwise occupado, I thank you. The talented list of folks who contributed here over the past few months, in case you hadn't noticed, includes the following impressive list (in no particular order):

Joseph Cannon of CannonFire; Jon Ponder of Pensito Review; Bob Bancroft of Voters Unite; Miriam Raftery of Writer, Ink; Clint Curtis of; Steve Huff of; Emily Levy of; John Washburn of Washburn's World; Margie Burns of; Arlen Parsa of The Daily Background; Rebecca Mercuri of Notable Software, Inc.; Tom Courbat of SAVE R VOTE and Bo Lipari of New Yorkers for Verified Voting.

Additionally, much always-reliable heavy lifting was performed for the duration by BRAD BLOG perennials DES, Alan Breslauer of HotPotatoMash and Agent 99 of neufneuf. As ever, guys, thank you.

But there is one person whose efforts deserve extra special mention here, and not just for the extra duty he's had to pull at The BRAD BLOG for the past few months...

Day in and day out, John Gideon of exemplifies all that is great about America. His selfless dedication to little more than the cause of democracy --- and the insane battle we find ourself in to preserve it --- is a daily inspiration. Far beyond his ever-reliable Daily Voting News each day, John's diligent work, unnoticed efforts, and indispensable encouragement and doggedness behind the scenes are immeasurable. It is difficult to adequately thank him for his service to his country, now and over many years, and in many ways. My gratitude for his work in overseeing and managing this place, while assisting guest bloggers here for so long over the summer (no small job, that!) and for many years now, is dwarfed by my respect for him as a patriot.

Thank you, John. If my return allows you some rest, so that you may be less grouchy, I'll be glad. If it makes things worse, I'll not be surprised. Either way, I'm eternally grateful for all that you do, however you do it.

And, I thank all of you once again for your support of The BRAD BLOG, and so many of the patriots and websites mentioned above . We're all in this democracy together. And for that too I am indescribably thankful...