By John Gideon on 9/6/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Today’s news includes more and varied articles on HR-811, including an editorial against the use of DREs from the NYTimes.

It appears that the bill will go back to the Rules Committee for another shot at a decision from that body. If it clears the Rules Committee in some form it will go to the floor. What is still unknown is if and how amendments will be handled. There is also more from the New Jersey court decision.

Also reported is that the Ohio SoS has named the firms that will be involved in the state’s attempt to copy California’s “Top-To-Bottom” Review. The problem is that one of the ‘firms’ that will be involved is also an Independent Test Authority that probably tested some of the voting systems used in the state. That fact is a real “head scratcher.”

Another county has stepped up and decided that DREs are garbage and they will be reverting back to optical-scan. Good decision Taylor County, West Virginia.

All of those voting news stories, and more from today, linked below...

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  • NAtional: Rep. Susan Davis: DRE Voting Machines Are the '800 Pound Gorilla in the Room' LINK
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  • CO: Larimer County - Equipment OK for November election
    However, the requirements for next year's election remain unresolved LINK
  • CO: Larimer County - Coloradoan article on voting machine recertification omitted former GOP secretary of state's role LINK
  • GA: Murphy tosses voter ID lawsuit: See the order here LINK
  • MS: Smith to examine ballot boxes Tuesday after losing by 9 votes LINK
  • NJ: Judge Gives New Jersey a Week to Fix Voting Machines LINK
  • NJ: Judge demands a plan for e-voting
    Says replacing machines at polls is at 'crisis' stage LINK
  • NJ: Voting Machine ‘Crisis’
    8 days to get 'paper trail' plan LINK
  • OH: Brunner picks firms for Ohio voting machine tests LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - Attorney calls for election do-over LINK
  • VA: Voting machines cleared for use LINK
  • WV: Taylor County plans to return to paper ballots LINK
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