By John Gideon on 8/5/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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“With gratitude, VotersUnite! applauds Secretary of State Bowen's decision to decertify voting systems in California and recertify them for limited use with extensive conditions and safeguards intended to mitigate their shocking vulnerabilities and inadequacies.

We appreciate that she has her priorities in order and is protecting the voices of voters, rather than deferring to the complaints of those election administrators who prefer convenience over accuracy, or bowing to the protestations of vendors who have misrepresented their products.”

And, as ever, the huge list of notable voting news stories today are all linked below...

  • CA: For once, putting democracy first LINK
  • CA: Congress is from Venus; Californians are from Mars LINK
  • CA: Local officials react to decertification LINK
  • CA: Truthdigger of the Week: California Secretary of State Debra Bowen LINK
  • CA: California Restricts Voting Machines LINK
  • CA: Bowen emerges from shadows with dramatic decision
    The secretary of state has championed some important, if low-profile, issues over the years as a legislator. Friday's late-night decision on electronic voting machines captured the limelight. LINK
  • CA: 39 counties' vote systems in question
    L.A.'s InkaVote method may be recertified, but others face starting from scratch with a primary election looming. LINK
  • CA: State requires tougher vote-machine security LINK
  • CA: Voting decision creates turmoil
    Counties fear limits on electronic machines will cause chaos. LINK
  • CA: State curbs use of voting machines
    County may be facing high costs to comply with new security measures LINK
  • CA: Opinion - End the secrecy of electronic voting LINK
  • CA: Touch vote machine ban hurts counties LINK
  • CA: E-Voting OK With New Security
    California has certified some electronic polls but imposed new security mandates for the 2008 elections. LINK
  • CA: State requires tougher vote-machine security LINK
  • CA: Kern County - Ruling means Kern likely to vote old-fashioned way LINK
  • CA: Los Angeles County - Turmoil hits L.A. County's voting system
    Elections: Secretary of State Debra Bowen decertifies machines; Feb. primary in doubt. LINK
  • CA: Monterey County - State limits voting machines
    Some barred, others subject to restrictions LINK
  • CA: Riverside County - A stake through heart of e-voting LINK
  • CA: San Diego County - County must find new way to vote LINK
  • CA: Santa Clara County - Back to paper ballots for many voters in Santa Clara County LINK
  • CA: Ventura County - Disputed vote machines not issue for area LINK
  • CA: Yolo County - Yolo vote machines approved LINK
  • MS: Benton County - More charged in Benton County vote fraud case LINK
  • NJ: Hoboken - It's not over yet
    Campos' complaint includes more than 200 charges against Zimmer campaign; hearing in Sept. LINK
  • NV: Opinion - Nevada keeps paper trail on voting LINK
  • WI: Winnebago County - County may be in the market for new voting machines LINK
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