By John Gideon on 7/13/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Rebecca Mercuri, in an article on OpEdNews, reminds us that Avante International has a lawsuit against Sequoia, Diebold and ES&S for patent infringement:

This case grinds merrily along and trial has been scheduled for May 2008. Should Avante win their suit, they have requested relief that could specifically include: 1) permanently enjoining the sale of all infringing equipment produced by Diebold, Sequoia, and ES&S; 2) recalling all infringing equipment; 3) destroying or delivering to Avante the infringing equipment; and 4) awarding infringement damages to Avante, including treble damages for willful infringement.

She also reports, “In a one-two punch, Avante's key patent, #7036730 'Electronic Voting Aparatus, System and Method,' also includes claims that pertain to 'a Braille device,' 'an aural device,' and 'voice recognition apparatus.'"

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