Diebold Document Exposer in First Broadcast Interview! Plus CODEPINK's Jodie Evans! As we Guest Host 'Action Point w/ Cynthia Black' on AAR/Nova M Phoenix
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By Brad Friedman on 3/25/2007, 8:59am PT  

I'll be sitting in again this week as Guest Host on Sunday for the good Cynthia Black Nova M and Air America Phoenix' Action Point with Cynthia Black on 1480am KPHX.

This week, we'll have a live broadcast exclusive first as Diebold document whistleblower Stephen Heller will be LIVE in studio to be interviewed on air for the first time! We'll also take your calls! As well, CODEPINK's Jodie Evans will join us to discuss the Democrats courageous Iraq Policy, or lack thereof. Don't miss it! More details follow...

This Week's Scheduled Guests:

  • Stephen Heller, the Los Angeles actor who, while working as a temp employee at voting machine company Diebold's powerful law firm Jones Day, exposed internal documents which revealed the company had illegally installed uncertified hardware and software in California just prior to the 2004 primary in the state. The company's touch-screen voting systems were decertified for use in the state shortly thereafter, and Heller was (much later) charged with three felony counts to which he eventually pled guilty in a deal that will likely wipe out the charges in 18 months time. The charges were described as "outrageous" by the National Whistleblower Center's general counsel, Michael Kohn, who said Heller's case was "the only one of which I’m aware, in which a whistleblower has been charged with a felony." More BRAD BLOG coverage of Heller here...
  • Jodie Evans is co-founder of CODEPINK: Women for Peace, has worked for Jerry Brown's numerous campaigns for President and other offices, and as a community, social and political organizer for the last 30 years. We'll discuss CODEPINK's recent activism in DC, protesting the Democratic Congressional position on getting out of Iraq, the numerous arrests of many of their activists, their work with Cindy Sheehan from Crawford and beyond, media criticism of their efforts, as well as how you can support them.

Listen up online right here on Sunday @ 12noon PT (3pm ET)
And call in with your questions/comments at: 800-989-1480

UPDATE: The Bradcast went great! I'll try to get the archives up soon. Will update this item when I do. Heller was terrific (as was Evans!)

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