By John Gideon on 1/24/2007, 4:52pm PT  

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The collusion on the part of some national elections officials is beginning to come to light due to the hard work of some researchers like Michael Richardson who reports [see below] “Election Assistance Commission Executive Director Thomas Wilkey moved to the EAC after serving on the National Association of State Election Directors Voting System Board, which he chaired. Wilkey's current boss at the EAC is Donetta Davidson, Chair of the federal commission. Davidson is a former president of NASED and served with Wilkey on the Voting System Board, which was tasked with certifying "independent testing authorities" to perform tests on electronic voting machines used throughout America.” Richardson also mentions that an “ex officio” member of that board was Shawn Southworth, the voting systems tester for Ciber labs. // According to an article in TheHill [see below] “A new academic study of voting in Florida’s 13th district congressional race refutes the prevailing opinion of experts that the large undervote in the race in November was likely due to poor ballot design. The new study points to an error message that the experts say correlates with the undervotes, as well as to voting patterns that show unusually high undervote rates for Democratic voters. The study’s authors say more information, specifically the secret software used by the voting machines, is required to draw any real conclusions.” // Today was also a big news day. Two election workers in Ohio were found guilty of misdeeds during the 2004 presidential recount and Virginia has taken one step closer to ridding themselves of DRE voting machines....

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    Nearly one third of county's voters in November mailed in their ballots, and many went uncounted for weeks, a report says.\" target="_blank">LINK
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    Paper receipts on electronic machines is ‘a non-solution to a non-problem,’ expert says\" target="_blank">LINK
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