Diebold Sales Rep 'Buck' Jones Demos Touch-Screen Voting Machine as State SoS Declares it 'The Most Secure Thing Outside of a Wells-Fargo Truck!'
By Brad Friedman on 5/15/2006, 11:30am PT  

Apropos to the discussion of late concerning the unquestioning relationship between Voting Machine Company Officials and State Elections Officials (see our last entry with documents revealing Pennsylvania simply reformatted a Diebold notice and released it as their own), The BRAD BLOG has obtained exclusive video from a public meeting held in Mississippi last year in which Diebold representative Charles "Buck" Jones demonstrates the AccuVote TSx (touch-screen) machines to a number of people, including the Mississippi Secretary of State Eric Clark.

Clark, who clearly states that his mind is already made up as to the security of Diebold's touch-screen systems refuses to stick around to answer questions at the meeting. Incredibly, he's recorded in this video tape, made in 2005, describing the security of the Diebold's touch-screen machines as "the most secure thing outside of a Wells-Fargo truck."

Jones, "The Diebold Man", as described in the video, is the one trying to refute "reports you might have seen on the Internet" to some Election Integrity Advocates present at the meeting. He's the one who says directly to the camera: "I'm not gonna see it on the Internet or anything like that, right?"

BRAD BLOG readers may recall Jones as the one who'd contacted us via email on a Saturday last March just moments after we'd posted an article concerning an election in New Hampshire which had to be rerun after it was discovered the electronic voting machines had apparently recorded more votes than there were voters. The story Jones contacted us about covered the New Hampshire Union-Leader's report of the incident, which had errantly described the voting machine in question as one of Diebold's. Jones kindly informed us the Union Leader report was in error, and the faulty machine was, in fact, made by their competitor, ES&S.

We quipped at the time that it would be lovely if Diebold was as responsive to the myriad problems revealed in their own systems, as they apparently are in pointing out problems found in their competitor's systems.

Given the litany of recently revealed, irrefutable security problems found in Diebold electronic voting machines, this seems a good time to share this video with you. It was made by one of the attendees at the meeting...

Amongst, the notable vulnerabilities discovered recently in Diebold voting systems:

  • A hack of their optical scan voting system in Leon County, FL
  • The UC Berkeley analysis commissioned by CA Sec. of State and Diebold supporter Bruce McPherson which confirmed the Leon County hack and found 16 other flaws said to be even more dangerous
  • The recent "national security risk" discovered in all Diebold touch-screen systems which has caused officials in PA to "sequester" all such machines in the state just days prior to the upcoming primary elections next week.
  • And yet, in 2005, SoS Clark signed a contract with Diebold to purchase the Diebold TSx systems only "after pressure from the Mississippi Democratic Club and the Mississippi state chapter of the NAACP," the filmmaker says, was Clark willing to purchase the "Voter-Verified Paper Trail to go with the notorious TSx."

    "I think this is the best machine that's available in the country. That's what I think," Mississippi's Secretary of State Clark is heard saying in the video, "And that's based on a lot of folks who have studied it. And I think it was already secure without the voter-verifiable paper trail. But I think it is so secure now, it is the most secure thing outside of a Wells-Fargo truck!"

    One other point before linking to the video. Jones says at one point to one of the Election Integrity Advocates in the room who asked about what's been going on in California, "There have been some things that have happened out in California that are quite different from the rest of the country."

    Really, Mr. Jones? Now what would those things be? We'd be happy to report on the specifics of those "quite different from the rest of the country" things if you let us know what they are.

    (Obviously, you already have our email address, so please feel free to let us know.)

    Here now, "The Diebold Man", about 3 or 4 minutes long, in your choice of two deliciously secure video flavors...

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