By John Gideon on 4/28/2006, 6:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Today is successes and failures. New York activists are generally pleased with the new voting machine policy adopted for the state. Meanwhile a judge in Allegheny County has found in favor of the county and will allow them to go forward with the use of the ES&S voting machines. Ireland has finally declared the Liberty voting machines they have as being a "dead duck". Time for us to go buy them cheap and begin using them. They can't be much worse than iVotronics, TSx, etc. Legal complaints have been filed against ES&S today, in Indiana and West Virginia. And, no surprise, MicroVote was certified by the state of Indiana....

  • AR: Sebastian County � Train Wreck - Voting Machines May Be Primary Absentees LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County � Train Wreck - Judge denies injunction in vote suit (ES&S) LINK
  • TX: Bexar County � Train Wreck - Editorial: Bexar voting system must be dependable (ES&S) LINK
  • TX: Wichita Falls � Train Wreck - Early voters, be prepared to write (ES&S) LINK
  • WV: Train Wreck - More Problems Now Emerge in West Virginia
    Company Technician Uses Old Version of Software To Program Voting Machines (ES&S) LINK
  • WV: Train Wreck - County locks up company's check (ES&S) LINK
  • AR: Pulaski County - County makes progress with new voting machines LINK
  • CA: Unisyn Voting Solution's InkaVote Plus Precinct Ballot Counter Approved for Use in California Elections LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - COUNTY dropped from statewide voting lawsuit (Diebold) LINK
  • CA: San Luis Obispo County - June election will use Diebold voting machines that leave paper trail (Diebold) LINK
  • IL: Cook County - Long ballot could be split in 2 (Sequoia) LINK
  • IL: Cook County - Judging by size, fall ballot may be heavyweight LINK
  • IL: Cook County - County Board Wants Election Problems Fixed LINK
  • IN: Voting machines certified (MIcroVote) LINK
  • IN: State election commission certifies MicroVote software LINK
  • IN: Complaint filed against voting company; another wins reprieve (ES&S) LINK
  • IN: Orange County � Editorial - Election machines in question (MicroVote) LINK
  • IN: Warrick County - County awaits vote on election software (MicroVote) LINK
  • MO: Kansas City - County Voters To Get New Voting Machines LINK
  • NY: Voting machine policy adopted LINK
  • NY: Voting system standards receive final state board adoption LINK
  • NY: Glens Fall - Voting officials get look at new machines LINK
  • OR: Mail voting noticed by other states LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County - Judge to rule on county's use of new voting machines (ES&S iVotronic) LINK
  • PA: Beaver County - Most of new voting machines obtained (ES&S) LINK
  • PA: Northumberland County - Voters try out new Diebold electronic voting machines (Diebold TSx) LINK
  • TN: Blount County - Early voting numbers double from 2002 LINK
  • IReland - �57m e-voting system a 'dead duck' (Liberty) LINK
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